Exams are not hype Take it easy

EXAMS?.. The very word sends shivers down our spine. The moment they arrive they spell anxiety, fever and tension. Not that it grips the students it also takes it toll on parents, teachers and the society.

Why does this happen. Is it necessary to come in clutches of exam fever while giving out the best we can? What is that which makes the exams look dreadful? Since time memorial children at young age have been pressurized with study pressure to get good marks. Take the latest example of the super fabulous film ? TARE ZAMEEN PAR.

It deals with the same pressure of competition that we are all facing.Let us face it. What are making our children? Mere competitors who are struggling are worrying hard to achieve their best while getting paranoid. It is undoubtedly true to achieve the best, but with side baggage like insomnia, headache, nausea and fever, the exam put a dreadful mark on the life of the student. Students often succumb to this pressure and fall in ill hands of death or defeat. The society is completely responsible for this. Anxiety level which is contagious passes on to other parents and students also. This leads to heavy dosage of stress levels and later on leads to identity crisis.The drive to perform should not be found under anxiety levels and competition. Instead it should be self oriented and should have a positive frame of mind. A healthy mind rests in peaceful mind. This mind should be nourished with a healthy supply of oxygen and other things like glucose, calcium, phosphorous and calcium.


A healthy body makes the right choice of direction. It basic components are the following:


· A good diet is the secret to a well nourished body which includes milk products, leafy vegetables, proteins, ragi and dates.

· Breakfast being the rich source for energy is the most important diet of the day.

· Fast food and acidic products take away calcium. They should be completely avoided.

· A rich diet of nuts and fruits should be taken.

Learning Fundas

· Cramming should be completely avoided. Learning by understanding and memorizing by writing down points is the best way to memorize.
Not only is the content important but the method of answering is equally important.

· A timetable should be made to utilize idle hours so that it should be used constructively. It should be used to read, learn, write or just relax.

· It is important to have a positive bent of mind so as to see a positive result. This would eventually lessen stress.

· It is advisable to use dictionary to help you with new words.

· Study regularly to avoid Exam Blues.

· Take the help of parents, teachers and friends when you are unable to understand any thing.

· Sit in quiet place of the house to avoid distractions.

When stress hits you

· Spend time with family and friends help to alleviate stress.

· Practice Yoga and breathing exercise

· Tune on the radio and dance.

· Go for a walk in the garden. The fragrance of roses will freshen your senses.


Exams are meant to test your intellect level and not scare you. Just as you regularly sleep, eat and play a few hours of dedicated study will help you to scare exam fever and make you more alert when the exams arrive.


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