The Full Story of Addiction

Our world requires strong men and women to fight for a living. But sadly mother Earth is unaware of the dreadful beast it is carrying in her womb. Yes a world comprising of addicts. The very word is scary.

With series of deaths caused by depression many people succumb and give in to several things to make them survive and lead a normal life. But are they anywhere near normalcy. Addicts big or small are all hooked up in the same way. There are drug addicts, smoke addicts, alcohol addicts. Let us not forget the food obsessed, caffeine maniacs or even sexual perverts. They are all hungry for their fuel and if it does not reach them on time they are bound to get several disorders which can even be DEATH.


The true definition:

It is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that alters the brain in many ways. The brain gets pleasure in doing things like constant Sex or sticking to food to fill up the emptiness. The brain feels fulfilled and thus a series of addictive behavior starts from here. After the level of that high starts lowering down, the brain feels sluggish or depressed and pleads for more. It is only after getting the same doze, the brain will feel at ease and overpowered and thus charged up. A person is trapped in the vicious cycles of cravings and addiction to avoid withdrawal symptoms and depression. A person brings his brain to that point of amounting pleasure only by feeding on the drug or else his zeal to live will be shortened.

The Addictive Personality:

Often in a family we tend to recognize a person who is really addictive. From an aunt who can not get out of her bed without her regular cuppa of caffeine or the college dropout who gets irritated on a slight nudge. Addictives are easily spotted. They themselves show symptoms that no normal person can think of showing. For instance irritability or lack of interest.

The root of the Addiction:

Many researchers have culminated from the fact that addicts are usually branched out from biological, psychological or environmental factors. It is not by choice that a person becomes addictive by choice. For instance Alcoholism or smoking is measures as a physical, emotional and spiritual disease. It is also seen that children of addicts are also very susceptible of this disease and soon fall prey to its trap.

How to get rid of it:

A very big motivator called the will power needs to be installed inside to get rid of addiction. Though a big challenge, it can be done gradually with full patience and love for the human mind and body. Many rejuvenation and rehab centers are open around the world to deal with patients of addiction. Yoga has always been a powerful tool to get rid of addiction to a large extent. It cleanses and rejuvenated the mind body and soul. It helps to detoxify and cleanse the system by making it pure and near to God. It is only the battle of the brain that it has to conquer the big fight. Nothing can help except your will and desire to live a happy life.

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