Teen for Trouble or Tactfulness

Talking to a teen can be a trouble or a work of art.

It can mean anything for them. Parents who show concern should be very careful of what they talk and HOW they talk. There are a few helpful points:

  1. Children of this age are very particular about their privacy and they hate it if anyone invades it. It could be anyone parents or sibling ; they do not want anyone to simply barge in their rooms. It is important to give them their time to decide how they want to lead their life. Your kids would love you for the space that you would provide them.

  2. Instead of interfering in their life and questioning about the day inquire about something specific like a football match or a picnic planned by them. This would make them feel very close to you.

  3. If any trouble arise in the school premises and your teen is in trouble Make sure to help him/her out not by bashing up the bully but by giving priceless comforting a gentle hug or piece of advice on how to face the problem genuinely. That way they would include you to share their problems and get even with them.

  4. Teens are very open to fashionable trends and latest accessories in the market. They might want to buy the world and show off to their friends. Discourage them by giving importance to characteristics like loyalty and character than materialistic things because at the end of the day they tend to remain with a person for a longer period of time.

  5. Teens go through lots of highs and lows in their lifetime. They are often moody and irritable and do not like to entertain anyone. Instead of raised eyebrows or sarcastic comments accept the condition as a temporary mood swing and find out time to talk it over politely with your teen.

  6. Decision making skill is the most underdeveloped character that a teen has. He might make decisions in a hurry and find himself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Instead of asking the teen why. Try letting him analyze the situation he could have landed into if he used his sensibility. Chances are he won’t ever face a problem and deal with life confidently.

  7. Try going for family relaxations trips rather than him letting go with his friends all the time. If he finds comfort in a game of throw ball with his peers, make arrangements to have a match with his teammates. You child will love you for this and he would make all attempts for you to win.

  8. Very often the teen is attracted to the opposite sex and would feel low if the other person is not showing any attention. Instead of mocking or ridiculing your teen, try distracting his mind to some creative ways to enjoy a weekend.


Teen time is a moment to learn, grow and explore. You would find it learning experience for yourself too when your child enters this phase. Try putting you in his/her shoes and live their life. What would you do in place of them.

Author: admin