Family Reunion

Sims message from an elder brother to younger brother.
Celebrate life. Life is a great travel to get the best of best experiences out of life. The first problem is that we have nobody senior trust worthy enough and advise anybody available is only waiting to clap out of jealousy of our unity and abundance and affluence with which god has graced us with special love for us.

The second problem is that we get into a stalemate. We are very great in criticizing each other and finding faults. Thanks to the genes of grandparents. Instead we should try to find the best of each other. God the universal soul is infinitely abundant and affluent. Let us shun the negativities as they are absences and don’t exist.
Light and sound vibrating and dancing energy of god is the only essence of the universal soul.
Darkness, clouds, negativities don’t exist. One can only create them and create a great museum full of monsters that can just be erased with our positive thinking mind power.
Sometimes occasional bursts of anger are also very healthy and good for blood pressure as osho says this does not let the anger accumulate which is more harmful and stress creating.
Let us rediscover the advantages of each other instead of disadvantages and avoid the negative forces of the devils and many mafias of the mind.
Let us discover each other assets instead of handicaps. Let us create and build more arms instead of avoiding them.
God created every human being as his co-creator in his own image with the same powers He has and given us the mind power to use the free will to create with our creative visualization or destroy with our destructive visualization.

There are instances where you could not have sustained without me and there were instances where I could not have sustained without you.
We ignore the bests done and adore the impulsive outbursts of anger against each other.
From the grand father our joint family is 110 yrs old. Every great joint family has situations to resolve and they also have certain rules which we never made any.
Now a day there is a section in chambers of commerce to address these trifle issues which hinder the expansion of the family empire.
There are MBA institutions teaching how to run a joint family and joint businesses. There are counselors doing this noble practice of keeping the families together for good of the society. United there is a wondrous future. We have seen the divided fall. We are not preys to such ill perceived negativities. There is a great potential of the family rising to the great heights in this booming economy of the country. The communications can help resolve the stupidities and highlight the strengths and greatnesses
Few rules can be made for the current and next generations to be fully financially secured.
Money will remain with us for ever and keep growing in family trusts without even chasing it.

Let the money earn money for itself than we earning money. Work smarter not harder. A reunion and celebration is awaiting and set some unanimous rules to avoid any future differences of opinions.
We have helped many and what a stupidity not to help ourselves. We have great human resources as our assets and each one capable and honest and transparent and devoted to family and its rise.
Ek ne kahi doosre ne Mani, kahe nanaka dono mahagyani? is my belief towards you always as I have ignored what you have wanted to do.

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