Finesse Healing

I would like a share a beautiful experience that I went through recently connected with some healings that I underwent called Finesse healings (this is what Deepak Hardikar called these healings.. don’t know anything of this any further than this name):

Since a very long time, my eyes had been giving me a lot of problems. First of all my eyesight is very weak and nothing could be done medically about it except wear lenses/glasses (very high powered). Then to add to this i had for the last few years started experiencing a lot of dizziness. sometimes everything would go completely black in front of my eyes for a while. i felt as though i was going blind (there was a deep fear for this happening). I used to wonder alone as to what would happen if this actually did happen and all the complications connected to it… The problem was fast deteriorating at that stage.

Then I shared about this and asked our esteemed Guru Deepak Hardikar for healing, and he graciously agreed, warning me that it would be a long process, involving a series of intensive healings, meditations and prayers. i agreed and so the healing began. In the initial phase, we went through a series of a few typical meditations and prayers because there were some serious karmic factors to be dissolved. These dissolutions were the most critical stage and it was a slow process. The actual healings commenced only after a few months had gone by in this process itself. It was getting more scary for me as the time was elapsing because my problem seemed to be intensifying. I was absolutely scared of these dizzy and blackout spells which I was going through. I felt very alone not knowing how would my future be without proper eyesight. During the healings there were some instances when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue as some of the healings were quite painful, to my eyes and to my head. It felt as though my head would just burst, and my eyes would just pop out of my head. but DH always asked me to continue for just a little while longer. Gradually, I had started feeling better and my dizzyness and blackout spells were also reducing.

Soon after that I moved to India and the healings were stopped. I thought that all of that effort had gone to waste, but once I was here, my eyes again began to feel very uncomfortable. i couldn’t see properly. I was having frequent severe headaches, but the dizzy and blackout spells were no longer coming at that frequency. I had just one scary blackout experience over here. But my eyes were forever itchy and irritated. And I went for another check-up here because there was not anything that could be done at this time. I was hoping that let it just be a minor problem, maybe there was something wrong with my lenses, and maybe cleaning it would solve the problem. I was in a bit of anxiety also if the check-up would indicate that my grade had become higher. I was very pleasantly surprised when i was told that all that discomfort was the result of me wearing lenses with a grade and a half higher than what I needed. I didn’t know how to respond to this. This was not what i was expecting to hear. All these years I have only been hearing how poor my eyesight is and how worse it could and would become in the coming years. I couldn’t contain my happiness and just had to share it with everyone here.  I didn’t say anything about this healing to anyone earlier as there didn’t seem to be any positive result. but now when i wear my new lenses which are so much lower than my earlier ones, I can definitely say that this is one experience which needs to be shared with everyone in this group.

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