Meditate On Your Organs

Everywhere in the world, people are aware that healthy eating, excessive eating, and the food that contains a lot of animal fat, gives the look of a reddish tinge but the fact may be different. By this habit of eating they may be putting lot of pressure on their organs, heart, kidneys, liver, and the stomach.

The heart a very important organ being a constant worker for 24×7 becomes the worst sufferer of excessive fatty foods. This may lead to high blood pressure, narrowing of arteries of the heart, or the arteries supplying blood to the kidneys for purification or to other organs of the body. All the organs need blood supply and oxygen. In olden times, the term heart attack, brain stroke, coronary thrombosis {blood clot} or cardiac infarction (i.e. death of some muscle of the heart) were not in common use among laymen.
It has come to light that about two million people die of heart attack and suffer from brain stroke, in one year in USA only. About another million or so, do not die suddenly but bear the attack or stroke and move on slowly with situation of their vital organ.  There is virtually an epidemic of heart attacks and strokes in the industrialized and progressive countries where every thing, every situation is weighed through the competition of money. Money is important but when it leads to such stressful situations which only result in heart disease, it needs to be dealt with a different attitude of health, wealth and wisdom as was taught in British Schools in India. Deaths due to heart attack in India are not as common as compared to the European countries but the incidence is increasing year by year.

A few decades ago, heart attack or strokes were considered as part of process of ageing but so many post mortems conducted on young people who died in military wards, reveal that the process of narrowing of arteries (known as atherosclerosis) begins at the age of 25 or so. Irrespective of the fact whether one eats excessive fat or he is a moderate eater, one cannot escape this process unless he has a daily routine of sports activities or follows the Yogic practice of Asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breath regulation/control), meditation or Hari Om therapy.  No doubt, there is a progressive rise in the extent and severity of narrowing and hardening of arteries as the age advances but the incidence is related more to our habit of excessive consumption of oils, in any form or fat of any kind, though animal fat may bring narrowing of arteries quite early due to deposit of cholesterol and fatty material. It is generally said that heart attacks and strokes occur mainly amongst the urban population though the incidence of is also heard in rural population as well because of their blindly following habits of the urban people.

Narrowing of heart arteries as has been said earlier starts irrespective of male or female at a very young age but its detection is not possible until we face symptoms of heart disease. If one starts practicing the simple techniques of Organ Mediation (O.M)/ Hari Om Vibrations at an early age, one can ward off the onset of process of narrowing of arteries by any kind of deposits.  More so, if one has learnt these two (demonstrated and explained in the text), one can control sudden heart attack and stroke within a few seconds. By following the lessons of the book, one can learn the techniques in a day in four sittings of 15 minutes each.


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