Spiritual Guiding Encounter

A True Story:
A spiritual guru was once in a public place exhibiting the various evolved creations. People were coming and listening to the benefits from these utilities. Some used to be impressed while some used to be amused through these talks. This was ongoing for some time.

The guru in the appearance of a common person was experimenting and adapting various methods to suit the public. The motive being that the evolved creations get into the hands of the needy and put to its use. Near this place was an exhibition running exhibiting various kinds of more such creations made through another saint. Another person and not the saint managed the exhibition. The saint was just giving sermons and telling stories through pre-recorded tapes. And was ever smiling. People were coming and taking whatever they needed from this exhibition.

One particular story was being repeatedly played on the tape. This story amused the spiritual guru & he kept on listening and looking at the saint’s words. The saint kept smiling. The spiritual guru after a while started smiling looking at the saint. This continued for few days. Finally, the direct meeting took place.

This was the story that led to this meeting:
A disciple of Saint Naamdev, engaged in the profession of trading, once went to Naamdev and said that I have got to have the gold coin that I lost. Naamdev said, Son’ what is there in a gold coin, don’t give it much thought. Just be focused upon the lord and not on these worldly small trifle issues. The disciple said, nothing doing – I have got to have it back and that is why I am here. You have got to do something so that I get my lost gold coin. Else what is the use of my having put in so many years and so much of worth into following the path that you have been showing me. Naamdev on hearing this took some mud in his hand, did some mantras and opened the palm. There were 10 similar looking gold coins in his palm. Naamdev said, Son take the coin that is yours. The disciple was amazed at what Naamdev had just done and asked, “Master how did you do this” Naamdev said, what and how does that matter you, why don’t you just take your coin. Just be sure that you take just your coin and not any other. The coins all looked similar and the disciple did not know for sure which was the coin that he had lost. The disciple surrendered having realized that he was wrong in having challenged the saint who had powers to create gold out of mud. He came back on track and redirected himself to the service of lord. Such are the powers that saints have…this was what kept on being repeated on the tape being played.

The saint asked the spiritual guru, ‘Why are you smiling” I have been observing you over the past few days. You are making such efforts to put through your point and the dejection look though might not be visible on the surface is quite evident to me. But this smile of you…its strange!! I am unable to understand this. Can you explain.

: Spiritual Guru
: Saint

SG: Oh that!! I have been smiling at the story that you are telling the public about the powers that saint have.
: Well! What is there to smile about in that? I still don’t get your smile.

SG: I smiled because while you have been talking about the saint Naamdev who lived his life as a saint uninvolved with material world’s pre-requisites. I smiled because you also are a saint, who is well connected with the material world’s pre-requisites and you are preaching this. I smiled because I admire the art through which the connections made between the material and spiritual.
: What is your problem Son?

SG: I smiled because I know another saint who has a great kingdom. He also had a sincere disciple deeply involved with the path shown to be followed. The disciple whenever being disturbed by the hardships of this path went to the saint with the similar mental state as was for the disciple in your example, always had another kind of experience. There was a difference in the case of this disciple. He used to ask for a gold coin because it would have only been a gold coin that could move the situation across the state in which it were. And the saint as in the tape used to take mud convert it to 10 stones and throw it at the disciples face. With due explanations of tests needed to be gone through on the path and how such tests benefit in the long run, how the karma gets resolved through taking these stones, etc. I smiled because I was being self amused at the answer that you could have towards the saintly qualities of this saint?
: Saints are those who show the path to be followed to their disciples. I am not in a position to comment much about the manner of this saint though. May be this could be a way not known to me. Anyways there are ways and means through which god does show ways and may be my meeting you such could for that reason only. I have been watching you attempt to convince the people about your creations. Well, son, you have good creations!! No doubt about it. But you have missed the track and hence are having such hardships. How long have you been on this path Son?

SG: Quite some time now.
: Then you must be definitely having quite a following?

SG: There have been quite a few that are committed.
: Then why are you struggling so much? All that you need for financial independency on a spiritual path is just 5 disciples?

SG: How come?
: Son, its your fault. Accept it. That is why you are struggling so much. You are moving on the path that is for businessmen and not for spiritual people. That is why you are struggling. Just 5 of your closest people could have taken all of this work without any problem instead of you being neck deep into it.

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