Dear All,
At this stage of our movement, we all need to get the basics well implanted within us. Only this implantation within each and every one of us shall make our foundation strong. Only this strong foundation can create the possibility of building up a beautiful structure from every such position, place and level where the foundation is strong.

All of us are unique masterpieces with potential unlimited. System Brahma Satya has taken up the responsibility of tapping it. And it taps so through one oneself tapping out. Hey all! This is a tap dancing floor where you are. So lets start tap dancing. And on this floor, everybody, young or old, intelligent or stupid, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, healthy or ill, able or disable, hard working or lazy, capable or incapable, selfless or selfish, truthful or untruthful, committed or non-committed, dedicated or non-dedicated, devoted or non-devoted, believer or non-believer, men or women have to dance. Dancing is a must. It is a very useful method through which the body, mind and soul get synchronized.
It does not matter, whether it is the actual tap dancing that is being done by an expert tap dancer, or it is a rap dancing or hop dancing that is being done. All that is important is that one is dancing, and not how or which. My dear all, each and every single body of ours has to be willing to dance and know that each of us are good dancers. Each of us is able to dance gracefully and each of us dancing is enchanting everybody else. Shiva is a master dancer and hence is also called as the Nataraja or the king of dancing. When Shiva dances this Nata Nritya (dramatic dance) everybody is enchanted completely because such is the grace and such is the mastery and such is the symphony. Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge and arts) silently empowers Shiva to dance thus. Shiva becomes the Nataraja when the element of love flows through it. And Parvati (the goddess of simplicity, dedication, determination and devotion) only gets this element to flow through Shiva. Not just that, Parvati dances along with Shiva matching tune for tune, step for step driving Shiva into the deeper depths of ecstatically engrossed dancing. The whole world is just a mere spectacle to this dancing. Who else could dance as this pair? The master of dancing, Shiva, has also another special dance called the Taandava or the dance of destruction. Shiva gets an inner drive to dance thus. And this is when Shiva is angry with oneself or otherself. It is with Taandava that Shiva releases all the stored in anger and transmutes it into love. Kali (the goddess of sheer power and destroyer of negativity) and Durga (the goddess of seasoned power and creator of positively) silently empower and draw in Shiva to dance thus for the benefit of all.

Krishna is the music director. Krishna is the master musician. It is Krishna playing melodies on flute that channelises the creation of conditions wherein Shiva dances to the tunes played by Krishna. It is the melody created by Krishna that adds up the charm into Shiva’s dance. Such is the intensity of this charm set all over by Krishna that from all sides, all are drawn into this charming world. Krishna’s charming tunes played through the flute have the grace of Parvati, art of Saraswati, beauty of Lakshmi (the goddess of beauty, prosperity, success and fame), strength of Durga and authority of Kali into it. And all this makes it irresistible for anybody. Thus is Shiva also drawn into it to become a performing master dancer (else, Shiva is known to the world prominently for self engrossed tranquility and a master tranquiliser). Such a condition is described beautifully in as `Krishna has to woo men\’. Also read in as `Krishna has two women’. And Krishna keeps using this force that moves through women to woo men. And all pundits of scriptures are eternally confused as to which is the correct one. And thus are drawn into the dancing stream even the greatest pundits who go around dancing chanting their mantras. Krishna himself is not left out of this charm that is set. And while continuing to play the melodies, Krishna himself becomes a dancer dancing with eternal partner Lakshmi.

My dear fellow beloved from that part of this same world which is not familiar with such mythological expressions that are continually flowing in system BS, I can understand the difficulties that you could be experiencing in understanding these. But rest assured that this is not all difficult. These are not expressions that need to be understood. Nobody has been able to understand these (otherwise why so many schools of thought having so very learned pundits have yet not been able to resolve conclusively as regards to what it is). These are the expressions that need to be experienced. This experience can come in through a feeling. The feeling can come in when there is belongingness. And it is already there. That is why you are here. Feel at home because this is your home on equal levels and terms. And this home has all and everything in it. Just as you keep finding different forms of gods and goddesses in it, equally true is that this has as many saints, angels and archangels, Mother Mary and Son Jesus in it. And also, as many peer, paigambars and Prophet Mohhammad in it. Eshwar, God or Allah are the same. Is not it? So do not feel yourself out of home at any time. They are all here in system BS to bless and guide all. Take these sharing about mythological expressions as lessons of learning, because these are only that. And just as you are gaining through these expressions, take steps forward from your side so that fellow brothers and sisters from this part of the world get familiar with the mythological expressions prevailing in your part of the world also. My dear beloved and blessed, we expressed system BS as a growing tree yesterday that as it grows shall grow branches. Fruits coming in from every side. Fruits that are nourishing for everybody.

This tree grown to such heights now that it has deep roots and through its deep root, it can nourish itself. All the same, it welcomes in nourishments from outside too. Much easier and faster way of nourishing the whole tree so that it can well nourish other needing also. And a way with which considerable energy is saved. And as somebody expressed, energy saved is energy produced. The nourishment that this tree takes in are the individual efforts, works done with a self motivated and inner awakened attitude of owning up responsibility towards it for the sake of all. The fruits that this tree delivers is the vital knowledge and strength of self belief and confidence. So, come forward my dear and start distributing this fruit and contributing nourishments. Expand yourself with this tree and grow as it grows. Be one with it and not to for it. This tree is your own tree. This grows for you, grows through you and grows by you. So expand and let expand into the untapped potential infinite.

This tree of system BS is like a huge bus. And you are lucky because you have Krishna as its driver and Krishna as its conductor to welcome you on board. This is a great joy ride through which the bus takes you around. It gives you great respect, offering you comfortable seat. Subject to availability and steering needs, you are offered a choice of window or aisle seat. From the window seat, you are able to watch the whole world around you. From the aisle seat, you are able to frequently converse with the bus driver and conductor who is in a habit of putting the bus frequently into auto mode so that he could be more familiar with the passengers. This driver and conductor is very funny because he is unpredictable. Putting the bus in auto mode, he might just shuffle the passengers around moving them from their occupied seats to different seat so that a different view could be had, both by the passenger and the driver conductor. The DC could just at times cover only a few seat rows and return back to his position or could even go and cover the entire row of seats.

The DC can entertain the passengers with the music of choice, put on videos to see and enjoy. Serve refreshments and drinks. Collect the trays. Dispose it in the garbage cans. Stop at gas station for a refill as and when running out of gas. The DC is crazy and nothing short of what the world calls MAD. He may forget to put the bus in auto mode before leaving the drivers seat to take stroll in the bus. The bus could go haywire in this time. DC being used to this bus (he has never got off and would never get off this bus) does not mind it to be so. It even takes some time before DC realizes that the bus is going haywire and without any steering control. He is still funny because if he is engrossed in some interesting conversation, he would not leave it even if the bus is going uncontrollable. He would just point his finger at anybody who is close and ask to steer the bus for a while until he finishes off his conversation and can return back to his seat. This is ride for which every passenger has to take an entry ticket and can board this bus from its non-standard stops. Time to time, the DC can come and ask you to show this entry ticket.

Passengers have to preserve this ticket well. If DC does not find it, he can ask the passenger to get off the bus and run behind it while searching for the ticket on the body. Normally in a short while those having to run after this bus find their entry tickets. They are then again allowed to enter the bus. DC purposely takes the bus on speedway, hilly terrain, sandy beach, forests and even bumpy rides. And continuously keeps fiddling with the air-conditioning system turning it on and off, making it hot and cold inside. Sometimes even removes off the roof of this bus when its raining so that all passengers can have a natural bath. Enjoy this bus ride into destination eternity.

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