Extra Sensory Percetion

Um…does this word zooms in some scenes from the movie The Sixth sense, Or for those who are more imaginative, this word may lead them to hallucinate some ghostly forms, figures in white or eerie music. Well ESP is not only that but there is more to it. So read on.

ESP, or extra sensory perception, is defined as receiving information beyond your five measurable senses. ESP is considered the 6th sense, which every human being has. The question is how to access your dormant sense. Once you have mastered the use of your ESP, you can do things which would leave you amazed. But, like any new skill you learn, it would take hard work and years of practice to master it. As the saying goes. Nothing comes easy in this life not even a man to be a man_ so ESP also has to be developed with pertinence.

Your ESP functions the same way like all of your other senses; through the use of your brain. But improving your ESP would require a great faith in your success and commitment to the practice. How the brain exactly processes information it receives from the 6th sense, no one knows; but what is well believed is that we all have this power. Some are lucky and are born with an ESP advantage but you do experience it in a small way all the time. Well think back of the experience where you keep reminding yourself to call a friend or family, but that person calls you instead. Perhaps you heard the door bell and a name popped in your head, which turns out that that name belongs to the person standing at the door.

These brushes upon ESP cannot be confirmed nor denied, but something is happening to beat the odds. Whatever this something is, I hope to give you some more insight, and you’ll be the final judge as to what you choose to believe. BODY-SET It is usually recommended that people keep their bodies as limp as possible, in a position that is most relaxing for them. Crossed legs for instance, can cut off circulation, creating an uncomfortable feeling of pressure as your body relaxes deeply. Starting out with your body as relaxed as you can make it will cause whatever technique you choose to be more effective. Some techniques have specific instructions about body-set, but to begin with, use whatever position is more comfortable for you.

The places people choose for self-hypnosis sessions vary as widely as individual personalities.
Some people choose lying horizontally on a bed; others prop themselves up with pillows.. A frequently chosen position is in a reclining chair, where the body is supported comfortably at all points. The best spot for you is, wherever you will feel the most relaxed is. A quiet room, free of distractions and interruptions, is usually most conducive to hypnosis, but if you would feel more relaxed outdoors, thats okay too. The place you choose may be indoors or out, in a bedroom, a workroom, or a patio. Whatever place you decided on, stick to it for the first several sessions. A regular time and a regular place that you associate with the hypnotic experience can help you build you skills quickly.

Choose your environment to suit your personality. If you are most comfortable with acid rock blaring from the stereo system, then that will heighten your hypnotic experience. If, on the other hand, you prefer classical music played softly, use that. Many people require silence and like to dim the lights to increase their inner focus. Arrange your environment to please you, setting it up so that you reinforce all the relaxation measures you already know and enjoy. HEALTH Psychic powers can be used to heal sick or troubled people. You don’t even need to be with them to make it work. If you know of someone with problems think of them as you go to sleep. Imagine that they are well and happy, then send them your telepathically transmitted healing thoughts. Imagine this as a healing ray of light that bathes the target person. It washes away their illness or problem and replaces it with powerful living light. The rule is: Wherever thought goes, healing energy follows.

The major quality involved in building your ESP is your willingness to believe and acceptance that you will succeed. You must also have a strong concentration level — so strong that you can pick and choose exactly what you want to be thinking at one specific point in time despite any activities going around.

Once you have mastered belief and concentration, you are ready to put your ESP to the test. USE ESP IN EVERYDAY LIFE If you can learn to trust your intuition and follow your gut feeling about a situation you are taking the first step towards using ESP in everyday life. So, if you feel you have a gift why not start using it? Here’s a few simple ways you can apply your skills:

Remember that concentration is a key element in ESP, and meditation can do wonders for your concentration. Practice meditating daily. When you find that your concentration is significantly improved, then try testing out your ESP. When testing, keep in mind not to allow stray thoughts to get in the way. You must stay focused and don’t break out in laugher even when others at cracking up at you. Believe and you will see. Tuning in If hypnosis and mediation just doesn’t seem to work for you, then here’s something a little easier.

Turn the TV on to any channel that has video footage and audio playing simultaneously. Now think of something that is important to you, whether it be your job, your hobbies, a new song, a hot date. Put yourself into this thought. Lose yourself in it. Try to image that you are there doing whatever this thought is. You must keep your eyes on the TV at all times. The object here is to increase your ability to focus on one thing regardless of how many other distractions may be lurking around. It is believed that our minds are sending and receiving thoughts every nanosecond of the day.

Works best if you like the people you are working with. And if you love them the powers become even more enhanced. You will know that your partner loves you as much as you love them if you find yourself finishing each others sentences or have exactly the same thoughts. Try comparing your dreams-You may have exactly the same dreams and be resolving problems together. Conversely, if you are going through a bad patch you may want to try a little psychic self-defense. Psychic people are usually very sensitive individuals and can quickly become drained when in the company of aggressive or depressing people. Next time you row, imagine that you are wrapping a heavy, black, hooded cloak around your body. This visualization technique will pull in your aura and block the debilitating telepathic attack of your aggressor.


With control over your ESP you will have and edge in life. Just image what you’ll be able to do that others only read about in books. The possibilities are endless. You can read minds, play with superman’s x-ray vision, get a taste of things to come, know what your opponents cards are without sneaking a peak, You will have the force to move objects, get that raise you needed for years, find that special someone, communicate with another fellow ESP master from thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye, directly sharing feelings and emotions, etc. We’ve only scratched the surface of what ESP can do, but what it cant do is force someone to do something they are totally against – like getting woman in bed with you. ESP is not evil, it is not a trick of the devil, therefore it cannot be used to please the egotist. TRANCES There are three different types of hypnotic trances. Each person is unique. The type of trance you receive will depend on your personality and your belief in the success of hypnosis. Light Trance is a state when you feel calm and relaxed. You may feel separated from the worries of the world but still attached to yourself and body. Muscles are relaxed and physically expressions are depressed.

Heart beat and blood pressure drops, while eyes are closed. Medium Trance is a state when people may feel disjointed from their bodies, feeling smaller or larger. The ability to turn senses on and off transfers to your control. Time can be distorted, making hours longer or shorter. Pain can be supressed, allowing surgery to take place. The physical changes are the same as the light trance with a higher degree. Deep Trance includes all the characteristics of light and medium trance but with an increased degree. Major surgery can be performed and both positive and negative hallucinations may be induced. Facial expression resemble that of a zombie.

A list of possible benefits of hypnosis are:
Increased relaxation and brain function, self-sufficiency, self-control, self-esteem, eased tension, pain control, stopping unwanted habits (smoking), sexual dysfunction, weight control, psychosomatic illness, insomnia, phobias, etc.

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