Dynamic Living

When the live wires of energy are let loose, they produce bright sparks of light. Such stray sparks may prove hazardous though it is immaterial at this point.

What is relevant is to the understand that when two or more vital forces come together, they produce something dynamic. Similarly when the potent, live energies flowing through mind, body and soul unite, it produces the most awe inspiring creation called LIFE.

It is no mystery solved or feat accomplished to bring the three vibrant forced together. A human birth is itself the coming together of mind, body and soul. What is wondrously challenging is that when these live wires interact they should not produce stray sparks, rather a pyrotechnic form should come into existence. We have with us three extremely beautiful, magical and powerful components but the sum of these parts will be less than the whole. Thus it is of utmost importance that the parts do no singly atrophy into nonentity.

Talking of the visible component i.e. body is relatively easy and seems less ambiguous because we have been reading and hearing about it since young age. But even the body has two aspects, its Appearance and Functioning. The fact that no two humans have identical appearance but all humans have identical functioning is the ultimate evidence of Divine perfection and mystic. With such magnificence poured into our body, preserving it is a moral duty. Though our biology lectures gave us in-depth information about human body, it didn’t really inspire fascination to have a more imaginative horizon. To think our body is beyond a machine, it is actually a home.

The body needs the right amount oiling and usage to work smoothly. But our sedentary jobs lead to no physical work of body and changing life styles cause overuse under wrong conditions. The long working hours strains the body considerably but leaves hardly anytime to relax. The high intake of junk food, adulterated food, agricultural products ripened with chemicals and pesticides, carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc are slowly are steadily showing its repercussions in the form of increasing number of disintegrated bodies at early age.

Most of our ailments are life style caused. God presented a gift, alright but preserving it is our job. Probably in our mad rush we wrongly call life, we now consider ourselves inanimate objects who can be preserved by naphthalene and moth balls. This explains the popularity of heroin, grass, LCD and other dopes. I see no difference between naphthalene and marijuana, they are both KILLERS.

Now just close your eyes, relax, and imagine you take a brisk walk inhaling deep breaths of pure and fresh air, drink honeyed lemon juice and eat a bowl of crisp green salad full of vitamins. Do you not feel rejuvenated already? Looking after your body is the first step towards dynamic living because it is the house of the other two components. And if the house collapses, the family is abandoned. The brain shelters our thinking centre called MIND and heart houses the feeling ability of the SOUL.

The mind is the second most important component in dynamic living with the gravest role. Again the mind has two aspects in its functioning. One is the biological operation, wherein the brain sends nerve signals to our body for all reflexes and actions. The other self-regulatory task is of harnessing the cognitive and creative capacity of the mind. These abilities are embedded naturally in the mind with every individual getting a better share of either of them. But the substantial question is how well this ability of the mind is put to use, because this will determine the level of well being and satisfaction experienced by us in the extrinsic worldly life. Contentment in our personal, social, and professional life must all go hand in hand.

God put paramount power in the mind. He made it a link between the eternal and ephemeral- a path maker to travel from body to soul. While the natural functions of mind take place on its own, the self induced work of mind is Conceptual and Reality Comprehension.

Peace and happiness will be illusionary until we understand and accept that they are a product of our own thoughts and thoughts in turn are a product of our mind. If you have negative thoughts towards a person or incident, anger and anxiety is the resultant feeling. As long as you repeat the negative thoughts in the mind, anger or frustration persists. But the moment you divert your thoughts, the negative or hurting emotion gradually subsides. The way we think is the way we feel. The positive state of being and rejoicing in the feelings of love, joy, tranquility and contentment come with positively charged thoughts.

Quiet contemplation and an unwavering decision to maintain an equipoise existence are the tools that will restore perspicuity and positivism of mind. Meditation will prove you that mind is a self regulated component to a great extent which will increase your cognitive, creative and positive thought-generating ability manifold.

The trinity of thought, action and experience leads to dynamic living. The thoughts of the mind lead to actions of the body and cause the soul to experience. While this physical world was created for the soul to feel and experience itself, it is not the sole purpose of the soul. The true nature of the spirit is incessant bliss. The body gives the soul a visible form which then uses mind to reach its original nature. The body perishes while soul remains immortal. This process of going through finite to infinite is Dynamic Living. The dynamics of this living basically involve the body and mind. If the body is preserved and the mind regulated, the soul is taken care of on its own.

When spiritualism i.e. attainment of equanimity and joy under all conditions, becomes part of our daily life, the living becomes dynamic simultaneously. The mysteries of life are revealed hen the body is fed healthy food, mind is fed fertile thoughts and both are exercised and used sufficiently to give intrinsic and extrinsic prosperity.

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