Get True Happiness Through Work

Its true! People usually tend to get fed up of their work and move towards greener pastures to find the essence of life. They give it all up. A fat bank balance, a comfortable life, an envious career.

Only to land up in a dilemma of despair and dissatisfaction. When their long career plans and highly successful career moves are unable to bring happiness they quit it all to find solace in mountains or pilgrimages and give themselves to the mercy of God. But God himself has mentioned: Believe in your work, the rest will follow! The meaning is simple. Instead of giving it all up, find satisfaction in your own work. This is the ingredient of true happiness.

  • For starters, it is essential to justify the reason to work for. It can be for power, money, and prestige or simply to keep you occupied. The most important thing is to remain focused on what you want. The drive for work is the most essential reason for you to work.

  • Understand yourself: To begin working, it is most crucial to understand your philosophy of life. Analyzing yourself is the first step to begin with.

  • Self-expression: Work is a form of self-expression. It expresses you true self. You can lie about anything, but your work determines your character and portrays it well.

  • Unleash your creativity: Every work has a creative side to it. A front office job seems to be mundane, yet can be creative if looked at it closely. By adding elements of creativity and being present in every moment, the very moment of fun can be brought in the place of work.

  • Escape the office politics: Easier said than done, every office accompanies politics and negative elements that disturb your peace of mind. Ignoring those negativities would ensure positive results. Accept the good parts and ignore the bad ones. That is the mantra for good living at the office.

  • Believe in living for work and not working to live: We normally get up in the morning and push ourselves for work not realizing the fact that that we are killing our inner interest to work. We as humans are created to work. Under or over work is bad but at least we should work for the sake of our brains to work and grow well. Accepting the fact that we should work to cultivate a zest in life is all that is required as motivation to work. It helps us to relate with life in a better way, which would not have happened otherwise.

  • Be self conscious: Taking a break is the first thing you would want to with respect to racing deadlines and work pressure along with an add on of domestic or social pressure. We love to soak in the tranquil environment of a spa or yoga center and love to forget everything about work. But when we return back to our normal life we again tend to get frustrated over angry bosses, domestic help or cranky kids. We find ourselves in the same place where we had started. Our spirituality and inner awareness should not be confined in a meditation retreat but in our daily lifestyle and above all our working style. Getting unaffected by work pressure and maintaining discipline in our daily life is the true essence of life.

  • Be clear about what you want: Awareness about self is the first step to realize your goal in life. You may want to become an astronaut but the heights nauseate you. Getting to know your strengths and taking small steps towards your goal is the most important thing in life.

  • Connect to your inner self: You might be an enviable dignitary in your office but if you are not well connected within your self you are incomplete. Every day throws a volley of unexpected challenges at your face and mastery over them is half the battle won. Maintain your dignity by connecting to your inner self at any crisis. This would evoke a sense of responsibility in your attitude towards life.

Author: admin