The Mind Body Soul Walk

The mind body and the soul are interconnected. The activity performed by one is affected by the other. Just in the same manner a workout benefits not just the body but the mind and soul also.

Similarly, a walk is beneficial for the overall conditioning of the entire personality. Tuning off from the world is like a big challenge which requires great efforts from everyone. Finding out time for an exercise is the biggest thought process you would want to avoid at all times. In that case a simple, effective walk can be the most effective way to lose weight and tone up your entire body. Quite often we tend to do things just for the sake of it and unconsciously build a pattern in our daily lives. Never do we understand the necessity of it and its effects on us. We swim unconsciously whereas we are supposed to listen to the rhythm of water; we dance unconsciously while our soul should dance to the tune too. Similarly we need to walk by keeping our sense open and do it consciously. Our mind needs to be aware of the workout. The soul needs to be free from any external burden and the body needs to be alert and receptive of each and every move taken by the person.

There are tremendous benefits of walking:

  • Health benefits: A person who walks regularly for an hour increases his life span as compared to people who don’t. Also they are away from disastrous disease like cancer. A daily brisk walk is very much recommended for women to avoid osteoporosis.

  • Mind workout: Just like a walk benefits the body, it also empowers the mind making it calmer and peaceful. Mental illness is a result from stress and overburden of work. When the mind hungers for rest, the body shuns it by overexerting it and thereby leading to complexities. Walking reduces the stress and releases hormones to spiritualize the body. Moreover affirmative words like calm in and stress out helps to relieve stress faster.

  • Helps in making goals for life: Walking helps you in realizing your goals faster and helps in attaining them the right way. While walking, give positive affirmations to yourself as it helps you achieve your goals.

  • It improves self-esteem: The maximum benefits of mind-body walk are improving self esteem and improves creative interest thus letting go off boredom and allowing you to be more aware of the present. You start feeling the freshness in the air, the chatter of the birds, the rusting of the trees and the overall effects of the nature on your soul. You start living completely and valuing your self.

But the most important thing to keep in the mind is the awareness of the mind body and the soul connection while walking. The walk is not just an exercise but the overall tuning and the fine conditioning of your system. It takes care of each and every part of your well being. The things to be aware of are the following:

  • Breathe your well being: It is as effecting as Pranayam? a unique conditioning of the body giving more effect on the cardio-vascular organ. Since Pranayam conditions your heart and makes it stronger, the walk along with it marked it more effective and useful than done while seated on a mat or a chair. While breathing, focus on your stomach as it expands and let go off the bad air out of the body. Later on tune your breathing with your steps and repeat one, two as you walk breathing in and out steadily with your footsteps. Try to breathe in through the mouth nose and exhale through the mouth.

  • Feel a sense of Gratitude: Any activity if done forcefully can not give good results. Thanking God Almighty for the wonderful gift of love would empower more spirit and reason to walk thus it would enlighten your body, mind and soul. It would also evoke feelings of happiness and spirituality.

  • Have a goal in life: Walking without a reason is like living without a cause. Having reasons to walk can be innumerable. Such as weight loss, diabetes problem, hypertension, metal instability or any heart related problem. Such would encompass power to make you walk faster and help in achieving your targets faster.

  • Prayer: Many of us have zillions of things racing in our heads as we walk .They are usually in the form of worries, family problems, job problems or relationships. It is advisable to memories God and chants a prayer in your mind to ward off problems like these.

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