Habits – A Boon or Bane

Have you ever wondered why the body always obeys the brain. Our body is influenced by the right side of the brain; therefore any command given to it is completed .The commands are also coined as Habits. Habits form a personality. They can be good or bad. It completely depends on the person which habit he/she must take up. Good habits are also called the right way to live. Right from the way of living to the choices one person makes, it reflects a personality.


It is perfectly right to follow good habits ; but bad habits are those that unconsciously cling on the person and he cannot live without the. Such habits include : smoking , drinking, overeating. They can be treated. But hard work and sheer determination are they key points to follow to eradicate them


The one big monster that starts rearing its ugly head very early is smoking. It not just ruins the physical appearance but also damages the self esteem. But in spite of several techniques for quitting smoking they do not work until you really want to give up. Many times social obligations or peer pressure land you up in the sea of trouble and from thereon starts a journey of chain smoking. Besides that reasons like extra work pressure, anxiety, outbursts of anger and frustration also tops the list as reasons to continue smoking. But the negative aspects of smoking are far from bad. They can lead to isolation, diseases like lung cancer, decreased ability to enjoy any sports due to the fatigue caused by smoking.

But one when you decide to ward off this deadly monster you will learn that is very easy to do it. The only biggest motivation to stop smoking is the positive image you will achieve from yourself and others. Positive attitude and relaxation tips always go together for a good healthy mindset. Activities like walking; breathing exercises like Pranayam, meditation really ensure you to quit bad habits. Continuous positive words like ? I will Quit smoking?; always help in quitting smoking. Positive affirmation always helps to decorate your attention and shift your focus top something else. Keeping yourself occupied is another way of quitting smoking. Also start having a well balanced meal comprising of proteins and carbohydrates to replenish your body. Consume lots of water to remove impurities from the body. Eat five servings of fruits and whole grains. Instead of holding a cigarette ,hold a pencil.



Alcohol addiction is as deadly as smoking. It reduces the life span and destroys kidneys which are essential fro removal of toxins from the body. There could be several reasons to pick up that glass of beer. It could be social obligation, pressurization of the peer group, curiosity to try something new or simply to remove tiredness. The reasons are may but the result is one. EARLY DEATH. Alcohol is on deadly aid to decrease your life span. This habit is the worst since it ruins families and brings up depression. Ability to face realities and stand up to the pressure of life declines and often the person goes through withdrawal syndrome. Before going to a psychologist, the one person who can help you remove is YOU. Families or friends often compel you to drink without your approval. A simple straight No is a must to respect your individual priorities and likes. This will make people around you to know what you man by No. If parties cannot be avoided, choice of drinks surely can. Pick up a fruit juice instead of liquor and enjoy it.

Besides health drinks can be a substitute for alcohol.



There are numerous reasons why do people have such problems. They can be Thyroid deficiency, chemical and food sensitivities, PMT, hormonal problems, or genetic reasons. Eating disorders are also linked with mental problems like depression, emptiness in life, loss of loved ones, boredom, aimless living, etc. These disorders are mostly found in women.

But these problems can be rectified by the following:

Developing a positive mindset – Say No to anything unhealthy. Give yourself the power of self belief and discipline. Control your emotions by having a positive frame of mind.

Maintain a journal of your food intake – What, When, How are the things important to note while eating. A fight with husband, disagreement with the kids, guilt, depressed is all factors of emotional eating. Be in control of the situation and ask yourself, Why Am I Doing This? Love yourself. Accepting yourself with your flaws make you a positive person. If you respect yourself, others will do the Sam for you. This would boost your confidence and bring happiness. Satisfaction is must in your agenda. Simply doing work for the sake of it will make your life dull and mundane. Do things which will satisfy your personality. This will ward off hunger pangs and elevates mindless eating. Look After Yourself. Identify your needs as a person. Choose better ways of rewarding yourself instead of food. A game of sport, facial, a vacation, parties with friends or a session of facial in spa is better than a high caloric reward for any good deed.


Relax yourself. Absorb yourself in the quietness of the mind by closing your mind towards any distortion or unhappy situation in life. Chant “Om” several times to divert your attention towards God instead of food. While relaxing, focus on your breathing and become more aware your body. You would want to express yourself in other things like a cry, hug, a friend, exercise or reading a book. Never go on a yo-yo diet. It can reduce your metabolism permanently and can increase ratio of fat to the lean body cells of your body. Always diet under the supervision of a dietician. Life gives use several chances to enjoy what we have the most. OUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL. Let us rejuvenate and rejoice every moment of it by developing good habits and throwing bad habits away.


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