Marriage-The End to All Woes

Believe it or not the best way to live a long and healthy life is to get married. Marriage has been proved to be the biggest solution to all woes and worries. Life seems happier and contended. The entrance of spouse and later on kids make a family. Therefore a reason to live and that too happily come as a bonus. Researchers have proved that marriage makes people healthier too. Besides being more physically active their mental balance is also well co-ordinate. It leads to lesser chances of depression, suicidal cases, or excessive consumption of liquor or drugs. They become more focused and concentrate on their goals.

The affects of marriage are better on Women than men. Women are more emotional and insecure. They need some reason to live. An anchor for them is a must for they feel grounded. They require someone to pamper them and cherish them. With a husband and kids she feels complete and satisfied.

The men also are benefited MARRIAGE . Besides the sexual factor, they require someone to pamper them just the way their moms did. They feel more grounded and wanted if they have a complete family. They feel the urge to return home soon since they feel that there is someone waiting for them. Also since men are more dare devils by nature and take up adrenaline pumping action such as bungee jumping, speed racing, ski diving, they feel less inclined to do such activities after they get married. The love of wife and kids is enough to make them feel more secure at home. Even their playboy tactics come at a halt once they find a life partner.

Moreover, living with someone gives you a reason to live. The enjoyment one gets while having a cup of tea together or just taking walks together give more solace to the heart than a sky rocketing career and a heavy bank balance. The simple joys of living can be enjoyed with a companion and not alone. A person feels more wanted at times of sickness and depression. Marriage brings the feeling of closeness and warmth which solitude can never get. Bad habits like smoking or drinking are also kept at bay.

Financial satisfaction is also a point of view since people living together tend to save more and plan their lives better with insurances and policies that cater to their needs in their old age. The burden of old age is taken with ease if a companion is there.

Kids also make life more beautiful as compared with childless couples. Little gestures of love send immense pleasure and happiness in the heart when you are around your kids. The urge to think about them before you becomes the purpose of living. You feel like being more planned and organized than what you were in your spinster life. Playing games with them or going out with them is more satisfying than going out with friends. Also giving them education is very satisfying.

We all know that there are good marriages and there are bad. Choosing the right partner is very important since this could question your own identity. A bad marriage can also detoriate your life course and make your life a mess. So, it is advisable to think a lot before taking the plunge to matrimony because the step taken once could lead to happiness or hell.

Review: Marriages are made in heaven is what the Hindus believe

Hindus give great importance to arranged marriages .Lot of Astrology is applied for match making and it really works wonders for compatibility. Hindus believe that it is marriage of two families who stand by each other at all times .

Eastwhile Maharajas used to marry neighboring Maharajas? daughters for defence of each others states . The Pandits and Astrologers always played a great role in match making .

Happy Marrying is what GOD also loves .

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