Heart Obesity and Overweight


Other major causes of heart disease.
How to control these for heart disease as well as independently.

Obesity is a condition in which body becomes overweight due to unusual and excessive deposition of fats here and there in the body. Its main cause is unusual, improper and injudicious eating of certain items which contain mainly fat and sugar. The other causes are

(1) endocrine disorders;
(2) heredity; and
(3) anxiety neurosis
(4) lack of activities, sports or games.

The treatment is simple but very difficult to follow. We have to take balanced but limited quantity of foods which contain fattening elements. Secondly, some kinds of activity and exercise are also very important to keep obesity and overweight under control.

The simplest and the easiest methods to control these are:

  1. Do not miss any meal. If you miss a meal, you are bound to eat more the next meal. Eating more than the required, if undigested, during the period of production of intestinal juice, gets converted into fatty deposits.

  2. Do not use even a drop of any kind of oil, saturated or unsaturated for cooking of vegetables or rice. It decreases their digestibility. You can use butter that may only add 9 calories per gram but the unconsumed food becomes completely caloric and fattening. As anything cooked in oil becomes hard for stomach to digest. The problem is not that use more oil but when anything cooked with oil or in oil takes more than 4 hours to digest whereas the secreted intestinal juice lasts only for just 2 to 3hrs.

  3. Eat 4 to 6 plates or raw or boiled vegetables followed by small meal.

  4. Do take fruits but only once a day avoiding sweet ones.

  5. Take 6 to 8 glasses of water anytime in the day but no water within one hour after the meals but you can take half-a glass in between the meals thereof.

  6. Use honey two spoons with one lemon juice with water half-a-glass on empty stomach.

  7. Apple cider vinegar 3 times a day- 2 teaspoons in a glass of water, at a time

  8. Corn silk tea 3 to 4 times a day.

  9. Lemons 3 a day with lettuce and raw or boiled vegetables.

  10. Lowest of fat, salt and sugar intake.

  11. No flesh foods.

  12. Use wheat bran or rice bran in place of ordinary whole cereals.

  13. No starchy food within 4 hours of previous meal.

  14. If raw or boiled vegetables may not suit you due to any reason, replace them with soup without any kind of fats or meat.

  15. A tablet of multi vitamin is essential to take during this regimen.

    If you follow some of the instructions or guidelines detailed above, for controlling obesity and overweight, you have eliminated one of the most drastic heart diseases causing factor. Daily practice of Hari Om vibrational therapy for a sitting of five minutes four times a day before the meals or two hours after any meal can shatter and dilute any fatty deposits anywhere in the body including the heart or other arteries.

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