The Actual Time to Eat Food

When was the time you actually decided for the time to EAT your food. Food nowadays is just meant to fill the stomach. We should know when it is the time to Eat food. There is a specific time to do everything – play, work, study. Similarly a specific time should be kept to eat food.

The time to eat is when you are genuinely hungry and not to kill time.It should not be consumed when you are tired or weak. When the mind is at peace and free from emotions, the body is well rested and recuperated, you will get the feeling of true hunger. The following order of events must therefore be observed by you before you decide to eat.

the emptying of stomach
the restand recuperation of all the digestive organs
the elimination of all waste which are toxic filth.
the feeling of lightness in the body
the free flow of vital energy in your body.


Quite often we do not listen to the body’s signals. When hunger matures that is the time when food should actually be taken. If it is ignored at this time, a feeling of weakness prevails letting in sluggishness in the body. When a keen hunger has derivated, wash your hands and with a clean mind devour your food. When waste matter is not eliminated form the body at the proper time, real hunger can never be experienced. It is only when the body is light and free from toxic gases of the waste matter; food should be taken. Eating without hunger is the biggest mistake and worst crime done to the body. This can lead to serious health problems. Digestion if delayed will further lead to indigestion. Persistently allowing the bowel to get clogged with stools is a serious violation of the laws of eating. This is called Constipation and is the parent of all diseases in the world. Therefore, if you need a healthy mind, body and soul, it is important to flush out these toxins from the body.

Enjoy Healthy eating and Living with Positive thinking mind body soul .

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