Your Heart & Its Arteries

Like any other tissues or muscles of the body, those of the heart are also subject to disease, infection or other pressures. Disease in tissue in an arm, hand, leg or feet may cripple a person but diseases of the heart muscle generally lead to early death.

Your heart is delicate and equally so very strong. It can bear many hardships but can slump if a small clot of blood (known as thrombi) blocks any of the major heart arteries which have already suffered narrowing by cholesterol or other fatty deposits.

You can check your own rhythm by placing the hand over the heart. This rhythm should remain steady. The steady rhythm of the heart-Lubb-dup, Lubb-dup which can be heard by placing your ear on somebody’s chest, is due to opening and closing of different valves inside the heart.

Any person needing the installation of electrical pacemaker by virtue of original body pacemaker getting weakened can avoid the situation by recharging the original pacemaker in the body in two sittings through Hari Om therapy Organ Meditation, of 10 minutes each. Electrical impulses come from electrical current and that can only be generated through the vibrations so produced by these processes.

As the heart is an instrument or an organ which works nonstop 24 hours for supplying blood to all cells of all organs to keep them functional, similarly the heart to function efficiently also needs the nourishment. This nourishment in the form of blood and oxygen is carried to the heart by the arteries known as coronary (heart) arteries.

The heart to remain fully functional and efficient at all times it needs to be cleared of all blockage of cholesterol and other excessive eating of fat, or deposits of glucose due to condition of diabetes or excessive formation of uric acid.

As has already been described in Introduction these arteries have to be kept cleared by any process, may be by use of drugs or other medicine. Since these have side effects leading to kidney damage and other liver problems, we should resort to natural methods, free of side effects, so that we can keep our heart and other organs equally healthy and functional. This is possible only through the natural processes which not only clear the blocked and clogged arteries, at the same time circulating better quantity of blood and oxygen not only to the heart through arteries but to other organs of the body as well.

Arteries have a natural and intrinsic quality of being elastic. It allows them to stretch.
However, they tend to harden and thicken by age, hypertension or other factors. These conditions are reversed by Hari Om Vibrations/ Organ Meditation.

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