Is Tea-Coffee Really Good You

When people generally wake up in the morning, thy reach for their cup of tea or coffee which they feel is ands instant booster of energy. Their mindset is such that they cannot think to move out of their bed without gulping down their daily cups. But do you know the level of Caffeine it contains.

This drug if taken daily on an average of 4-5 times is enough to invite dreaded diseases like cancer, digestive ailments, and heart diseases. However many regular drinkers of tea and coffee insists on their persuasive behavior and continue drinking them in spite knowing the consequences. Let us understand why it is not as good an Energy booster.

But the flip side is continuous consumption can cause jitters anxiety, digestive problems, anemia.

  • Its properties of stimulation make the drinker addicted to it so much that he cannot think of doing anything without it. Because of its effect people crave for this. It energizes them and makes them more alert and efficient in their work.

  • Pregnant women should cut down its consumption since it directly affects the placenta and hinders the growth of the baby. When entered in the blood stream it can hinder the baby’s growth.

  • Patients of High Blood Pressure should stay away from this as much as they can since it can aggravate their heart rate and can cause damage to their brain.

  • Caffeine tends to put on weight. Weight watchers should particularly be careful before consuming caffeine. With added amounts of sugar and milk tea or coffee contains higher amounts of calories.

  • Withdrawal of caffeine intake would lead to problems such as constantly throbbing headaches, fatigue and depression. Fighting for a cut down in the intake of caffeine is very severe since the body is used to regular consumption.

  • People with ulcer or heartburn should avoid it since it stimulates the secretion of acids which can interfere with the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

The good news is that even if you are highly addicted to it, you can still leave it following some tips:

  • Gradually start leaving your daily cuppa from 3 to 2 to 1 and none.

  • Replace your cup of tea with healthy milk or fruit juices.

  • Drink herbal tea instead.

  • Substitute to decaff which is milder and better.

  • Exercise daily to shift your concentration towards tea.

  • Start off your day with a glass of lime juice with honey which tends to provide more energy.

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day.

There are many conflicting media theories on these products.
The NGOs write against their use.
The producers and marketers leverage their media clout to plant
The beneficial effects. However the excess of every thing is bad and the
Use of every thing can be fair.
Do not forget that there are great medicinal values of Caffeine too like Alcohol.
These form the basis of many medicines.

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