Supplimentary Foods

A trip to the Doctor’s clinic is enough to convince you that your health is deteriorating. Needless to say in exchange to his heavy amount of fees, he hands you a long list of. FOOD SUPPLIMENTS. The word in itself is explanatory of the zero value it contains in comparison to the natural foods.

Lack of Vitamin A, D, C or Calcium or Iron makes you rush to the nearest drugstore and buy yourself a month long dosage of bottles of capsules, pills, tablets, syrups, fortified foods etc. The so-called patient religiously gulps down distastefully thinking it might make him healthy and strong. Some beverages also pertain to the fact that they contain 23 nutrients, which provides complete nutrition to the body. But the question arises: Do they actually serve as nutrition to the body or are they another Over-the? counter medicines in glamorized forms to keep a check on the health of the consumer. The fact is that these supplements are not in their natural forms but are extracted form of the individual nutrient only. No other nutrient is available in its solitary form. They are always in combination with others belonging to the Plant Kingdom. They also react in the blood stream only in the combination with other nutrients. The assimilation of one particular nutrient is also dependant upon the reaction of the some other nutrient.

Minerals cannot be assimilated if sufficient good quality of amino acids or protein is not present. The nutrients are interdependent on one another. The supplementary foods when take in excess cause serious effects. For instance Excessive intake of Vitamin A can lead to Blindness; Vitamin E if taken on a high dose can lead to hemorrhage and can lead to kidney dysfunction.

Health boosters, which are in the form of bottled beverages, contain pasteurized milk powder, sodium bi-carbonate, cocoa powder, white sugar etc. They also claim to contain healthy products like wheat, barley that boosts energy. But sadly, none of the ingredient contains any health value. The combined effects of these ingredients can lead to a variety of diseases. They all have tall claims of providing energy but they only end up causing discomfort and ill health. So, beware the next time you buy another health drink.

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