I am the Light and Sound Vibrating


MANTRAS have a great logical meaning and powers in Hindu Vedic philosophy .Meditation on Mantras involves repetition of the purest sound vibration known as the Mantra. The repetition provides inner peace, harmony of mind, body, soul.

Meditation Meditation allows humans to concentrate their vital and purest energies, which are being wasted due to distraction by enormous external feeds and impressions. The practices of Mantra Meditation were established centuries ago by the Great Yogis and Seers in their meditation. Mantras were inventions and discoveries of the noblest in highest states of super consciousness and were practiced by the wise to manifest their desires.

By tradition “japa-mala” and japa beads made of different natural products are used but one can do Mantra Meditation on fingers also. This can be done internally also known as ajapa jaap which is a great achievement. There are varieties of beads carved from the great sacred tulasi tree, other kind of woods, seeds of Rudraksha beads which are of great spiritual, material, healing and Mokhsa value. Many more materials crystals, jewels, stones, gold, and silver can also be used. These are largely used for mantras to create enormous material wealth. Strands contain 108 beads AS the Holiest of the Seers defined 108 as truly a holy number. Numerically the total of this number 108 is 9 and 9 is Divine. It is a very Magical number ruled by the mighty Mars as per Numerology.
Her Holiness Maha Maya says Add 9 to nine or multiply 9×9 the sum total in all the combinations of 9 will be 9. This divine number must have had blessings of the UNIVERSAL SOUL and the Holiest of the Seers.

Some people use smaller strands of beads of japa malas. Some people use 108 beads japa malas of wool.
It is actually the Mantra and the Meditation, Mala is only a medium to drive you to the state of mind where external feeds become negligible. One can talk to himself and his higher superconsciousness. Many modern management Gurus call it an appointment with your self which this world has not known except for the enlightened souls of the seers of the east.

ON top of the strand IS A SPECIAL unique bead. This SPECIAL bead is not used for chanting. Starting from the first bead it is gently rolled between the thumb and middle finger and the Mantra is repeated. The repetitions are chanted 1 per bead till the Special unique bead is reached. Mantra chanting on beads helps bring the concentration to dissipate nervous energy which causes disturbances and stress.

Siva Baba says A strong Vedic principle about chanting mantras is “the more done, the more benefits we will receive”. If one has extreme problems or they want to profoundly alter their karma, Mantras can be performed for longer periods of time on a daily basis.  Don‘t forget the holy Mantras are the stairway to the HEAVEN and ABODE with the GOD in MAHA NIRWANA. Mantras are the way to grow and achieve SALVATION.

HERE we like to add excerpts from one of OSHO ‘S SERMONS .

He was a supreme integrator, bringing together the East and the West, spirituality and materialism, science and spirituality, the old and the new, in an over-arching vision of giving rise to the new man, a new humanity.

In Osho’s own words: “I have been using one expression and that is ‘Zorba the Buddha’. The body has to be enjoyed as much as your soul. Matter has its own beauty, its own power just as consciousness has its own world, its own silence, its own peace, its own ecstasy. And between the two is the area of the mind—something of matter and something of the spirit. The poet is just in the middle, between the materialist and the spiritualist; his poetry touches both extremes. I would like all three points—the two extremes and the middle—to become one unity.

“At the root, mind is consciousness. If you stop making dual divisions choosing this against that, liking this, disliking that, if you drop out of these divisions, the mind again becomes a mirror, a pure consciousness.” This concept of UNIVERSAL acceptance is attractive to the New Ager, who no longer has to make the worrisome choice between the Jacuzzi and the meditation mat.

OSHO also spoke on Mantra and Meditation. The process has the power to be Spiritual or Materilialistic or being one with the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUNESS.

Use the mantra Medtation and become the light and Sound Vibrating and Dancing energy of the Universal Soul to achieve what you want Spirituality, Materilism, Mahnirvana or all of these. This is all for us the thinking and evolving peace loving human beings.

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