Dear Embodiments of Truth and Love,
Today is Guru Nanak Jayanti. The discourse given below is dedicated to Sudguru Guru Nanak. I bow to the master who liberated many and paved the path to be followed for so many.

As an active practitioner of life sciences and a keen aspirant of spiritual awakening and growth in true realms of love, you need to understand the core relationship that matters – that which exists between the Sudguru (The Master) and the Shishya (The disciple). This is the 10th chapter of core understandings that you must know deep from within because it is this energy of 10 that is so prominently moving you, even without having the slightest understanding of it. So rise and awaken to this understanding, because you are incomplete without your implementing this core understanding.

‘Guru’ is evolved through a combination of ‘gu’ and ‘ru’. Gu points towards the darkness and Ru points towards the one who removes it. Every guru, including you, in a way are those who are engaged in the activity of removing darkness of every those who exist on a lower strata of evolved existence and who are in contact through close proximity, that even transcends the distances on occasions.

‘Sudguru’ also is one who is engaged in the activity of removing darkness, but with a major difference. Sudguru is the one who removes the darkness of ill knowledge and who promotes encouragement to realize and practice truth and awaken to universal knowledge. Sudguru is able to do such because of actually experiencing and realizing this core knowledge through universal awakening. With Sudguru, it is never of any kind of directions shown that have not been self experienced to core realization.

Everybody gets a guru very easily and everybody easily functions like a guru very easily. But to get a sudguru is rare. You get it only because you have moved yourself through a course of your own inner realizations and risen to a level from which you could attempt to be a disciple of the sudguru. You cannot choose the sudguru. The sudguru reaches to you, and it is through every single of you that the sudguru extends its own availability to your individual resource field. Thus the grace that flows through sudguru extends into the field of existence that is deeply linked and connected with you. In this process of extension of sudguru influence in your field of existence, you yourself are led through a course of further true and core evolution.

If you are a true disciple or a true seeker of knowledge, you need to be in close association with your sudguru because you would need that level of guidance time to time. In these days, most disciples have forgotten this basic element. And instead of even attempting to have a close proximity relationship with sudguru, it is preferred to take the support of the electronic world to maintain the contact and even close proximity. Such approaches do not work and in no manner does anybody benefit of it, except to the gross satisfaction level of having had some communication with the sudguru.

Sudguru is one who has actually traveled the elusive path of self-experiencing, and it is through such highly universally acknowledged path that the sudguru is imparting and transferring you the core of the realized knowledge. Sudguru is the one who shall always preach what is self practiced. Sudguru is one who has actually attained the capability of adopting and implementing practice of truth and one who is equipped to actually teach you to love god and raise you to experience the love of god. Sudguru is not anybody with super human appearance. Sudguru is just like you, appearing perfectly human and who actually lives amidst you, who are like you, lives like you and who enjoys your company. Sudguru can be engaged in any normal human activity, yet be always free from it anytime. Sudguru is attached to anything, and yet, unattached to anything. Sudguru represents the god like state. To have a sudguru is like having the whole of brahmaan (cosmos) with you and such is the level of consciousness that works through the association with a sudguru.

It is your good luck that sudguru came and found you. And not just that, it is not that sudguru approaches you just once. Sudguru keeps coming and approaching you time and again out of pure love and care for you. But, my dear embodiment of truth and love, you have to reach yourself to the sudguru. It is only through you reaching yourself to sudguru that you can avail appropriate guidance in your critical journey.

To be able to become a disciple of a sudguru is by itself the blessing of the highest order because to find a sudguru is very rare. So fortunate are you if you have a sudguru with you that can awaken spirituality in a person who is least concerned with spirituality, and that who can free you from many life years of self-induced bondage. All this being possible just through simply following the instructions of the sudguru.

You as a disciple must make every attempt to draw in the highest benefits from such an association with the sudguru because you are gaining invaluable gifts and knowledge that through which you are scaling the ladder of your evolution. But you as a disciple also need to understand a few most vital aspects of such a relationship with the sudguru. It is these key areas through which you as a disciple end up disturbing yourself the close association between you and the sudguru.

As a disciple you must keep complete trust in your sudguru. And must follow the single path shown instead of running around here and there after different gurus and following different paths simultaneously. This is by far the most common trait that is observed with the disciple, that of running around. This entire running around is futile and of no use. Time to time, the disciple also experiences this truth because at the time of need, it is only the sudguru that comes up front for the disciple. This happens with the disciples because in the beginning, even after having found a sudguru, the disciple is ignorant towards high existence level of the sudguru because of self-ignorance state and keeps running around just to be in association with a more higher existence guru. Sudguru reveals itself and removes the darkness with the passage of time in accordance to the service that the disciple renders through the trust and devotion that the disciple carries within. You must know that to be able to tap into the sudguru, complete trust, devotion and service are the key elements. It is through the availability of these core elements within you that the sudguru opens up the knowledge within you through which the eternal nectar of life (amrit) is made available to you. With this, you are able to stay in a state of continual bliss.

As a disciple, you must always keep your heart open to receive from the sudguru. You should not keep anything secret or hidden from the sudguru. It is only when this sacred room is kept open for the light can the light come in. You must always remember this. It is the sudguru who can free you from this bondage of self-created space that needs be kept hidden because of the un-truth associated with it. Know that, with the sudguru, even with your hiding the space, these do not stay hidden and the sudguru knows it all when the time for knowing it comes. And even without your being knowing it, the sudguru even goes to the extent of correcting it. But you yourself would be free from this bondage only after you surrender your hidden space to the sudguru.

As a disciple you must know the importance of personal contact with the sudguru. You should make such arrangements that the contact with sudguru is frequently maintained. And also know that contact means a personal contact and not contacts through the modern scientific means. The more the personal contacts that you are able to make, the more you progress and these contacts are also indirectly a measure of your occupation of space with the sudguru. You must know that many times just a mere vision from the sudguru to you is more than enough for the sudguru to transfer the needed evolutions into you. So you must make sure that time to time you do make a personal contact with the sudguru. Here, equally important is for you to understand that just a mere establishment of physical contact is meaningless. It must be heartfelt for these effects to be evolved.

As a disciple you must know the importance of fulfilling the instructions received from the sudguru. You must know it very well that if the sudguru is giving you certain instructions, it is not because the sudguru is unable to do it. It is the love and confidence that the sudguru has in you that prompts the transferring of instructions, which are as like a direct service. You should hence carry out these instructions through the core of your heart unquestioningly. This is a common area, wherein you as a disciple may mislead yourself thinking that the sudguru needs you to carry out these instructions. You may mislead yourself into thoughts related to the requirement of money or man-power that could be needed in the instruction as being the reason that the instruction was given to you. And you may mislead yourself into thinking that even through non-heartfelt state, just fulfilling the instructions could bring you closer to the sudguru. This is a common area in which you as a disciple with your limited vision and understanding of the spiritual realms might be prompted to adopt the approach of executing the work related to the instruction in a state of obliging the sudguru. You may mislead yourself into prompting the issue of self invoked statements like it is not for your self, but for the sake of the sudguru that you are doing it or do not have objection of doing it. Having such an attitude, you in your ignorance subject burden on the sudguru, who smilingly continues to accept it in anticipation of realization dawning upon you at some state. Herein is a situation, wherein you through your ignorance afflict pains upon the sudguru who is uplifting you. While the sudguru continues to bear the infliction of such pains from you, by itself through the natural laws, the expectations from you keep rising in accordance to the degree of pains that you inflict. With this coming into effect, there is no way that you can be waived out of the responsibilities arisen through your having inflicted burden or any kind on the sudguru. This is an area, wherein, you may be prompted to occupy a position from which you would neither refuse it nor execute it, or execute it in a manner purposely such that the sudguru would be prompted to withdraw the instruction given to you. This is even worse than the earlier position. In this approach, you would be forcing the sudguru to withdraw the instruction issued in love and affection to you. The sudguru here is forced to withdraw the instruction because the execution of the given instruction is done in such a manner that brings forth an inappropriate presentation of the path that is pursued, projected and presented by the sudguru to the world. These kinds of withdrawals of the sudguru are your greatest invaluable loss.

Another common trait that you as a disciple should avoid is striking business deals with the sudguru voluntarily or involuntarily. Many of you are in the common habit of saying that if I get this, I would be able to do such. Remember that this actually turns out to be your own self created most common hurdle of progress.

As regards the instructions that you received, it is perfectly right for you as a disciple to even fight with the sudguru, in case you feel that the instruction issued is incorrect. Sudguru welcomes such an argumentative fight from you and is greatly amused with it. But if you are doing such, you should be able to justify your view of the inappropriateness of the instruction issued and you should also be willing to bear any consequences of such a fight. Such fights represent deep love of a very rare kind. If you cannot do such, it is most advisable for you to simply follow the instructions whole-heartedly unquestioningly.

As a disciple, it is your responsibility to fulfill that in your presence, nothing or nobody throws mud on the path of the sudguru or the sudguru. While nothing is expected or instructed to you ever in this area by anybody, the cosmos is keenly observing your response to such situations. Your silence in the environment where the sudguru or the path followed is being tarnished is taken in as your non-fulfillment of the deep responsibility that is with you. At times, in such an environment, you are prompted to engage yourself in the criticisms or tarnishing of the path or sudguru. It is through your ignorance that you do such. And such a deep level of ignorance that you present to yourself should be corrected at the earliest for you to continue progressing. It is inappropriate to tarnish the sudguru or the path in any manner and gossip is the common manner in which such is executed. One must guard oneself in being engaged in such gossips. At times, you may not involve yourself in any of this through your non-involved or non-concerned approach, and in the highest degree of intentional or unintended ignorance create situations that instigate further tarnishing of the guru or the path. You may be presenting a different stance in the front but at the back in the hidden background, you may yourself be involved in deeply tarnishing the guru or the path directly for reasons known or unknown to you. This is the worst situation and the cosmos responds appropriately to you for such activities.

At times, you through your limited vision might be instigated through your ignorance to purposely continue to occupy the position of a critic of the sudguru or those following the path. One of the common reasons to be doing thus is the inner functioning that tends to adopt the easiest path of deriving information through adopting the opposite approach. This as a position is one that is most complex and needs very deep knowledge levels and expression strengths. Only then does this transmute into core positive that it actually represents. But without this, mostly it ends up transmuting into core negative and invokes for according cosmic responses. Unless one is equipped to handle such, one must avoid taking up such stands. It is through this approach that it might easily shift into a state and condition of continuously testing the sudguru and the path. Such tests are best avoided because of the deep impact that it is likely to generate from cosmic levels.

At times, the sudguru may express the appreciation towards you in the form of bowing down to you. At this time, it is important for you to immediately realize the position and occupy your own position, which is at the feet of the sudguru. This is another area, wherein you are most likely to be mislead into misbelieving yourself through the ignorance that you carry. You feel elevated with the sudguru bowing down to you and commence dominating the sudguru. Sudguru enjoys this and allows you to continue do this as long as you do not realize your folly yourself or you reach yourself to such frenzy states of commanding that the sudguru, in a flash removes the illusion that you have been carrying all the while. As a disciple, you must always remember that the sudguru can never be at your feet, and it is always the reverse. It is you that has to be ever at the sudguru’s feet. It is not your evolved growth that for which the sudguru bows down to you. It is your great opportunity to really evolve as and when the sudguru falls at your feet. If you lift the sudguru from the feet and place it in the heart and occupy the position at the sudguru feet, you have made it. And well, if you choose the opposite, you are into a journey of thrill experiencing that would for sure one day crash. As a disciple, you may be drawn into states of commanding the sudguru, directly or indirectly. You must always be on ever guard towards it so that you do not fall into such anytime.

On the spiritual path, you must know that with the sudguru with you, the eternal knowledge is being transferred to you at the fastest speed possible for you. You should trust the sudguru for this. This is another area wherein you as a disciple are prone to misleading yourself through your impatience and urge to grow too fast. Through the course of time, depending upon the closeness that the sudguru has with you, the divine links are revealed to you. Sudguru is always very close to divinity and this deep divine links are revealed to you in the form of actual revelations made by the sudguru, or through self-experiences or miraculous happenings. With such revelations, a deep desire rises within you for yourself to be in direct close proximity with the divine. This is an area where most of you end up reverse traveling because you ignore the sudguru in your pursue of the divine. You must remember that when the sudguru is with you, the cosmos functions in a manner such that even divinity or god comes after sudguru. Sudguru is by itself leading you to these very and these conscious levels acknowledge it totally even if you in your ignorance neglect these. Time and again you are re-routed through the sudguru because even these conscious states get activated for you only through the grace of sudguru. Remember that if you lose the grace and blessings of the sudguru, you can never get divine blessings. And all the divine grace and blessings that you have are only through the sudguru. That is because just as the divine occupies the position in the sky, the sudguru occupies on the earth.

Sudguru is the means through which you are climbing the ladder of your life existence. You must always remember it. Sudguru is by itself present so that you may evolve. So surrender to the sudguru and streamline your path. Make yourself an ideal disciple first. Then think about what you are gaining and how much or how fast are you gaining. You need not worry about these. Remember that sudguru can move at speeds that you cannot imagine. It is you who has to learn to move fast in the right directions. So learn that and practice that instead of wandering about here and there inconclusively hurting self and others through your ignorance guided actions. Remember that you can never take anything from the sudguru be it through power, money or smartness. You can get it only through the grace of the sudguru. So keep that grace going and growing. The fastest way of progress in the scale of life evolved.

Evolve yourself such that you understand the sudguru so well that you are not needed to be instructed anything. Thus reach yourself to ever be close to the sudguru. Pave the path that is laid and pursued by the sudguru in a manner such that it becomes like a well-laid smooth carpet. Not having any feel of even the smallest pebble that is bound to be on the path. Make sure that you raise yourself to the level that the path that is laid is extended and expanded in all directions. Evolve ways and means that makes it possible. Make sure that you continue to continuously ease out the work of sudguru so that the sudguru continues to ease out more and more for you and all.

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