Prevention of SLEEP DISORDERS through Nature Cure and Yoga
Sleep refreshes the body and mind. It is an indispensable condition to recuperation of energy. It is a nature’s gift for good health. It repairs the wear and tear of the body. It is during the sleep that the body falls asleep quickly.

Nature Cure and Yoga show the drugless way to prevent sleep disorders. It is a way of life. By simply observing the laws of nature, one can enhance the VITAL FORCE and enjoy sleep. One cannot live without sleep. It takes long to fall asleep, then in all probability your body and mind are not altogether well. In modern age, the main cause of insomnia are high cost of living and advanced technology besides excessive fatigue, heavy and rich meals, tea, coffee and other stimulants taken late at night, too hot and noisy room, fear and anxiety. In, millions of people are victims of this malady. A man spends one third of his life sleeping, yet, it is the least understood function of the brain. A lot of research is being done on sleep disorders. There are about 88 disorders according to International Classification of Sleep Disorders. Excessive sleeping during day time, chronic insomnia (absence of sleep), and a tendency towards heavy snoring among obese persons are symptoms which point towards serious disorders that may lead to complications or even death during sleep.

The most common sleep disorders are Chronic Insomnia, Apnea (cessation of sleep) and Kleimlevin syndrome (delayed sleep). Number one sleep disorder is Insomnia. A lot of research work is being done. Despite various theories, none has solved the mystery of sleep. Modern doctors do not see disease as an ailment of the whole system. The psychological and social state of the patient is not considered. Naturopathy believes that a proper harmony of the nature’s five elements – earth, air, water, fire and sky ensures the physical and mental well being of the person. Imbalances in the AKASH TATVA causes sleep disorders.

Scientific research has established that sleep pattern changes with the growth of age.
(a) Women sleep 30 minutes to 1 hour more than men
(b) New born sleep 16 – 20 hours.
(c) Growing children sleep 10 – 14 hours
(d) Adults sleep 6 – 10 hours.
(e) Aged persons sleep 4 – 8 hours.


Therefore to know your body is the first step to cure disorders and get sound sleep. A healthy body falls asleep quickly. It builds up the body in so many ways. It rebuilds the cells and the muscles including the heart muscles, kidneys, bone marrow, stomach and brain. A good sleep sweeps away fatigue, prepares for efficiency both physically and mentally and is one of natures most effective brain refresher. During sleep blood and lymph system continue to carry off wastes to skin, kidneys and lungs when they are eliminated. They also deposit in brain a fresh supply of glucose and oxygen which the cells must have foe brain to work well. Therefore an eight hours of sound sleep is beneficial.

But the question is HOW TO ENSURE SOUND SLEEP.


Cure lies in the removal of causes that hamper good sleep – relaxation of mind and body before sleep. A cheerful attitude helps good sleep. One must cultivate an optimistic frame of mind. To be cheerful always. To think positive always.


There are a number of sedatives and tranquilizers to cure sleeplessness. But sound sleep cannot be purchased by spending money on medicines and drugs. Naturopathy and Yoga show the way.


According to LINDALAHAR – a famous naturopath- two hours before and two hours after the midnight are most valuable for sleep of all the twenty four hours of the day. During these hours sleep is soundest and most natural.
Before going to bed, taking a hot cup of milk or washing the feet or taking a hot bath helps induce sleep.
The eminent German naturopath Loies Kuhne advocated the use for HIP BATH (water temperature 64 – 68 F) for cure of insomnia.


Stretching of arms and yawning and massage of web structure, between the thumb and the first finger of the left hand for sometime helps in reducing tension. The bed should be hard. Use of pillow should be avoided. In this way, neck and shoulder pains, especially cervical sodalities and old age backache will not create problems for sleep.


Overeating is harmful. The food should be in right proportion in respect of quantity and quality. It should be a balanced food in the ration of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Food should be properly chewed. Stomach should be filled half with solids, one fourth with liquid and one fourth be kept empty for replenishment of Akash Tatva. A Balanced Diet is a mixed serving variety of foods. It provides all nutritive elements in right proportion according to the need of the body. Its need varies for different people. Obesity is a major cause of sleep disorders. Eating crushed onion mixed with yoghurt brings good sleep. Garlic, Onion, Lime, Amla, Orange, Apple, Mango, Raisins, Milk, Dates, alkalizing diet of vitamin B and ample water drinking are beneficial. The lavender fragrance is very effective at inducing a more relaxed state of mind. Green colour is cooling, soothing and calming both physically and mentally. It cures insomnia.


Yoga shows the way to a perfect sleep. Asana-(Pranayama and Mudras are an integral part of Yoga)- bring strength to the body and mind.

Ganeshasana and Shavasana
are invigorating and refreshing- bring prompt and complete relaxation and rest to the muscles and help to cure insomnia and other sleep disorders.
Nadi Shodhan and Ujjai Pranayama
just before going to bed act as a tranquilizer.
Yoganidra (Yog Sleep) when practiced even for a short duration takes away tension and fatigue.
Gyan Mudra
is important .In both the hands let the tip of the first finger touch the tip of the thumb and keep the remaining three fingers straight. In this mudra, flow of energy increases towards the astral body. It cures insomnia, mental disorders and dissipates tension. It imparts happiness. Learn to adopt correct method of breathing from an infant in deep sleep. Its mode of breathing is natural. With every inhale, the abdomen goes up and exhale it goes down. It is systematic, rhythmic and noiseless. While inhaling, what we are taking is AKASH TATVA (LIFE FORCE) essential for sound sleep. Prayer, guided meditation and relaxation help recuperate disorders and bring sound sleep. Surrendering action to the will of God strengthens confidence that cures not only sleep disorders but also even incurable diseases.


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