Knock at the Doctor within you

Here comes good news for all of us. It says that there is an inborn doctor inside each one of us. So even without burning the midnight oil, to get that impressive degree of M.D., we can still heal a number of our health problems. Now isn’t this a reason enough to rejoice.

But greater joy and benefit for us would be to let that doctor out. His line of treatment is simple, quick yet effective. It does not require you to abstain from any kind of food, or pop any pills. This magical treatment is called Positive Affirmation. It works by voicing aloud of affirmative statements to ourselves. The way you want to feel, is the way you construct the sentence. Scientific research and personal experiences of people have proved that mental state of our mind has a strong bearing on our physical life.

You cannot separate body from mind. And today’s grim reality is that mental disorders are highly pervasive in all societies and age groups. “Depression” and “Hyper tension” have inflicted at-least one member in every household. It’s a state where the mind and body feel indolent and tepid or there is an unnecessary aggressiveness and unrest. The body seems to be sucked of all enthusiasm and energy. But there is no suction pump attached anywhere in the body to drain out the vital energy from our blood. This feeling of illness is nothing but a psychological perception. But if you wake up and look out of the window, admiring the majestic nature and uttering, “It’s a beautiful day and I feel great”, there is nothing that can subdue this effervescence, because you have decided to feel bright and cheerful. The description of a common situation will evidence the impact of our mind on our body. An adolescent preparing for an exam invariably feels sleepy while studying and reading because there is a constant audio record playing in his mind that “The day was so tiring, I am exhausted and can’t keep my eyes open”. But at that very moment the mention of going out for a movie or a disc, changes the mood and the audio recording. The second side of the cassette now plays “I am not so tired after all! Can surely keep awake to watch the thriller or shake a leg for a while”. These words and thoughts come naturally and unconsciously to the adolescent. But it shows that we are capable of changing our exhaustion into energy and our boredom into vivacity. It’s only a matter of how you want to feel.


What we think and say becomes the reality of our life. When we wish for something and keep believing in it, it is bound to happen. And this holds true for both positive and negative events in our life. In his book “Prerna ka Jharna” (Cascade of inspiration) the author Rajesh Dodhiya quotes the example of his own father, who very strongly upheld the belief that a man’s children must diligently serve him and care for him in his old age. The belief was so influential that his father fell terribly ill in the evening of his life, suffering from cancer. This required his children to look after him and serve him immensely. While his mother, who wished that life must end peacefully without causing pain and trouble to others and oneself, passed away with a single heart stroke. This is not mere coincidence. It is the power of your beliefs and affirmations.

The source of all pain and pleasure is within us. Medical science has accepted this fact and is applying it to cure people. They call it Positive Affirmation. People survive dreadful diseases like cancer because they are still high on the desire to live. There is a zest for life, which fights and defeats those malignant cells. Doctors say that all medications fail, when the hope to live is extinguished in a person. To rekindle this hope and assure the patient of his ability to resist the invasions of spreading illness, he is constantly fed on affirmations like “I am feeling better”, “I can fight my disease and get back home”, “I am going to love, laugh and live again”, etc, till the patient’s conscious and unconscious mind has ingrained this positivism. This treatment calls upon our OWN urge and passion to live a gainful life everyday. There is both a doctor and a patient within us. It is our choice what do we opt for.

All of us whether young or old, rich or poor, black or white, have atleast one common goal in life and i.e. To Be Happy. The fulfillment of this aim requires us to feel fit and energetic both mentally and physically. Special or extraordinary events that call for celebration do not come everyday. But if we want to retain the charm in our lives, our thoughts have to be invigorating enough to change even the mundane chores into a worker’s delight. An emaciated body needs nothing more than a salubrious mind to treat it. So let your mind be the doctor before it turns into patient. And this doctor’s regimen reads, “Life is splendid, I am spanking and work is stimulating”. This is the magic mantra to experience joy and strength in every day and every moment of your life. This affirmation will certainly transform your life from the gloomy evening to a glorious morning.

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