These are the days and months of `kumbh’. What is this ‘kumbh’? There are thousands of people flocking in to places where the kumbh is declared. These days, it is the turn of Nasik to experience this in flow of people from all around the country and even abroad.

People are rushing in to take the holy dip in the water and clear out their karmas. What is the significance of this bath and how does this holy dip help people clear out the effects of karmic buildups. Kumbh actually is the state where like a whirlpool karmas are sucked into. These whirlpools called as kumbha are hence important and people taking a dip in this whirlpool actually do relieve themselves of their karmas by a bit just through this act of holy dip. These releases could be much more potent if those making such a dip are conscious about the significance of kumbh.


Any level of kumbh is always held at a location where there is a sangam (merging) of at least two rivers, one of which could be invisible also. Most people are not aware of the core facts about kumbh and are only running after the rituals that go along with this. Nasik represents the location of the `ardha or half kumbh’, i.e., because at this place there is a sangam of only two river streams. Similarly, Allahabad is the place of `kumbh’ because here, there is a sangam of three river streams of which two are visible and the third is invisible. And there would be a location of `maha or great kumbh’, the place unknown to many where there is a sangam of four river streams and also a place of `poorna or total kumbh’ where there is a sangam of five river streams.


The sangam that is mentioned for the existence and creation of the kumbh is elemental in nature. The sangam is the merging of the elements. A minimum merging together of two elements is necessary for the creation of the kumbh. When I explained this concept to a resident of Nasik proper, the person would not believe it because Nasik has only one river, i.e., Godavari or Dakshin Ganga. It is the place of origin of river Godavari and there is no other river known to exist there at any time that could make the sangam as explained above. And the whole place believes Nasik to be the place of kumbh because as and while the `Amrit or immortality nectar’ was taken through the sky into the heaven, a few drops of it fell at this place and hence this place is since then blessed. The person kept telling me that there are a few canals (as is always the case with every river) that come from somewhere and join into Godavari, if that is what you mean by the sangam. I kept smiling and just told the person to keep finding out the truth not from what the world has been led to believe think but from the core angle.

Then suddenly, one day this person got a very strong urge to go and have a dip at the place of the kumbh. So, for the first time in over 20 years, this person went there along with the daughters to have a kumbh dip. As the person dipped fully underwater at the spot of the kumbh the second time, this person got a flash of light and at that very moment the person also heard a different gushing sound in the ears. With the third dip, the person actually envisioned an actual very different stream of river coming flowing in from another direction and merging with the Godavari stream just a little distance from where the person was having the dip. And then as this clear vision came with another gushing water sound, the river that was merging with this stream vanished with a flash of light. The person dipped again and twice more the other river and the sangam point presented itself to the person in similar fashion as explained earlier. After that no more.

The person gave me a call and communicated this experience of actually experiencing the merging river that is invisible and not said to exist. When you understand this for the kumbh, you can also understand the state of Agnapushpanjal. Agnapushpanjal is not just another spiritual name, it represents an omni kumbh where possibilities of further levels of kumbh being attained exist, and the movement towards which has also begun creating another state of Agnapushpanjali within Agnapushpanjal. Agnapushpanjal is the state wherein merge the elements of fire, water and air. And of this an offering is made to you all so as to come and wash off your karmas in the simplest of manner possible through surrender and devotion. This is what is being made available to people through the Brahma Satya Swayam Siddha methods. You should come out of your ignorance and be benefited because the flow is there. If you continue to choose ignorance and persist with your own limited bounded logics of understanding scriptures and myth logics, you could only continue to progress as limitedly as your approach towards growth in the stream of life. You have a choice to make for yourself.


Nasik, as many of you would be knowing is very close to Trambakeshwar, a jyotir linga (one of the 12 main shiva locations). Trambakeshwar is also known to be a place of Trayambakam or where there is an action of sangam of three streams of life. Trambakeshwar jyotir ling is the most powerful location in the jyotir lingas where `kala sarpa dosha’ (ancestral curses of the intensity of enimity with snakes) are healed or resolved. Trambakeshwar jyotir linga was established by rishi (sage) Gautam. Gautam rishi is the one who commands the area of kala sarpa dosha because of mastery on kumbh. And this mastery is possible only through the clan of this Gautam or the gautam gotra, to which I belong. Agnapushpanjal state has this empowerment of resolving karma through the mastery on kumbh. It has been further empowered by other gotras also belonging to the command areas of other rishis (sages). And these are, Rishi Muni (sage saint) Vyas, one who commands expression and knowledge to understand the depths of veda, Rishi Bharadwaj, who commands the astral sciences and is a master programmer and initiator of miraculuous happenings and one purifies any environment or condition and is able to address masses singularly, Rishi Shandilya, who commands invoking and awakening loyalty, devotion and surrender within. And the process of further empowerments to this state is already underway through another five gotras or clans. Such is the state of the Agnapushpanjal, for which it has the capacity to address your karmic fields.


So walk into it as it comes to you approaching you as not Agnapushpanjal but Agnapushpanjali, i.e, in the form of an offering of high firing intensity and floral soft tenderness that can uplift you in your own journey of life.

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