Environment The Life of Mother Earth

Set up an international body like UNO and invite all countries to join. Request every human being on Earth to participate their bit to save the Planet Mother Earth.

Increase Solar Power of Sun Energy and other environment friendly energy sources. Invite Bill Clinton , Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bush Foundation, Rockfeller Foundation, George Soros, J. P. Morgan and others to fund these programs if they want continuity in their business. Request all Governments to put a Cess in their Budgets to contribute to this Universal Body and Encourage Scientists to bring in more new Technologies for this great cause like the Chinese testing artificial Sun with Fusion Technique.Request Wharton, Kellogs, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Indian IITs‘ and other great Universities and Research institutions to create Masters Courses on Environment and Enviromental Funding . Remember when money speaks English needs no Grammer.

You can do it my children.

E-mail this message to the whole world so that every body can participate in protecting the planet Mother Earth. By doing so you will be creating a revolution to protect the future human generations and doing a favour to your selves.


Global warming is very dangerous, more dangerous than the nuclear war. You have to start. Create communities, forums and discuss this in schools, colleges, work places and at all the dancing parties.


Register and create your voice to be heard. Let me also tell you that the politicians are not going to do this nobility. You have to rise and do your part of the duty in which ever way you can do. Start from your home and your neighbourhood and spread like a virus in the whole world.Let us see how much our children care for their mother.Then see the magic of the mother who will bless you with all the abundance and affluence and bless you with fulfilling lives. Mother earth is the treasure of heavens. This is the only heaven in the cosmic unierse. That is why all the gods travel the mother earth again and again.As per hindu faith lord vishnu reincarnated himself eleven times in different ages in different godly postures and each of them is worshipped with tremendous loyalty. Be blessed. God is with you 24/7. You have to just remember him. He is just a call away and waiting to be with you.

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