Love is…

Love is a warm, tender, affectionate feeling towards somebody whom you like. And it is forever and forever which can never be removed from one’s life. It is nothing but an understanding between two human beings. It is like a Rose which ever with its thorns maintains its beauty. Love is feeling of liking towards one another. It can be called a force which can guide a man towards the goal of his life.

In other words it can also be called a key to man’s life. In terms of chemistry, it is an unbreakable bond, in terms of physics it is a nuclear fusion reaction, in terms of biology it is the mating of two human beings. It is an internal force which cannot be erased from one’s mind, like a program which is present in a computer. It can even make ones life very monotonous. Love only does not mean that a person is going around with somebody, love is present in a mother for her child, it is their between a brother and a sister, it also exists between a farmer and his soil. Love is often created by a misunderstanding but later it can change your life.
It acts as a guide and can help a person in choosing the right path. The picture of love can never be seen unless and until the person falls in love. Its meaning can also be never understood like this. Love can create great hassles in life but they can be easily solved later in life. Love is not at all materialistic, it is based on trust and understanding. Love is as clear as distilled water. Love is a boon which is given to man by God and is shared by all human beings.
Love can never be broken with a physical force. It gives the person a feeling of jubilation. It is an extremely crucial part of one’s life. It gives a person a lot of temerity. It can also be called as a fray. It is a very difficult task to elude from the power of love. It is like the flower “Aspen”which rotates life on this planet. Some people think that it is very stridentle but instead it gives the feeling of complacency. After somebody has fallen in love then it becomes indispensable.
Many people think that love is some kind of a joke and is very hilarious instead they are laughing on themselves. They think people in love are egoistic but they are much more egoistic than a normal person. They think that love is totally materialistic instead it is based on trust and care for somebody. According to them love is a fool’s play but they do not know that they are even bigger fools. Love hating people take things very lightly and because of they are unable to become successful in life.

It is such a strong force which can make a person feel happy even when he is very greatly depressed. It can also make one feel unhappy due to a misunderstanding between the two of them. Quite often it becomes a major part of one’s life which keeps on going like a rowing boat unless and until you reach the end of the stream i.e. the end of your life. There is a saying that “Love is forever, life is not forever”. When love is made in two human beings which is due to mutual understanding then it is just like an uncontrollable nuclear fusion reaction and it goes on and on unless you reach the end of your life.
One may call it a magnet which attracts two people of the opposite sex towards one another. It does not matter whether it is between a Christian and a Sikh or between a Hindu and a Muslim unless and until it is based on true love. In other words love also has the power to unite two different forces i.e. one’s enemies. It is very easy to break your relationship with the person you love, but it is very difficult to make such a relationship with somebody. Love explains a person about the do’s and don’ts of one’s life. It teaches the person about the moral values which are essential for his life and also about the priorities one person should have in his life. Thus I conclude with the famous saying of William Shakespeare that:
“What is love? Its not hereafter;
present mirth hath present laughter;
What’s to come is still unsure;
In delay there lies no plenty;
Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty!
Youth’s a stuff will not endure”.

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