Goddess Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi is commonly understood to represent Goddess Lakshmi, one who governs prosperity, happiness, beauty and love. While Mahalakshmi has all of these qualities, it actually represents much more.

Mahalakshmi evolved as a result of direct invocation of Lord Vishnu as the deepest understandings regarding the cosmic evolution dawned upon Lord Vishnu in the execution of the eternally prescribed responsibility of preservation. Mahalakshmi carries all attributes of Lakshmi and is further empowered with all other principal attributes of Shakti forms. In other words, Mahalakshmi represents the whole form of Lakshmi. And with this wholeness drawn into Lakshmi, through the Mahalakshmi, a shift is put into effect in a manner such that Mahalakshmi governs abundance. While the form of Lakshmi involves struggles of every kind every now and then, the state of Mahalakshmi dissolves it.
With a single activation of Goddess Mahalakshmi, all Shakti forms of Saraswati (goddess of learning, music and arts), Parvati (goddess of purity, simplicity, dance and tolerance), Lakshmi (goddess of wealth, happiness, beauty and love), Kali (goddess of power and strength with which any negativity of the highest order can be destroyed) and Durga (goddess of power and strength with which any task of the highest order can be executed) are automatically activated.

Through system Brahma Satya, a systematic activation of temple alters has been taken up. These temple alters are not actual temples but just alters. Yet they carry within it tremendous energies and are highly active in the area of its establishment. These are all highly dynamic installations. While these are just alters, yet they have the capacity to be transformed into actual temple by anybody who has been blessed by such an installation. Such temples after their completion would be channeling even much higher energies than the alters.
Phenomenal and miraculous happenings have taken place with each of these temple alter installations.
 In context of Goddess Mahalakshmi, such a miracle has occurred at Sherina Tanwani’s house.
She has an icon of Mahalakshmi since many years and has been doing her prayers to Mahalakshmi all these years. After the installation of the temple alter in her custody, one day suddenly as she was praying to the mahalakshmi icon, she realized that a bangle has manifested upon this icon on its own. All these years, this bangle was not there and now it is clearly there. This has been photographed and the same photograph is given below that shows the manifested bangle on the wrist of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Mahalakshmi Icon With Manifested Bangle




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