Free Music Downloads

Now all time demands are for free downloads from the Internet through the devices like iPod and cell phones. Choice varies from books to music. Yes, easy to access and best way to save monetarily.

Of course these Internet downloads are good for music industry and the artists, but issues are seldom cropped up for its actual utility in the sense of profits and gains for the music industry and the artists. They feel that it destroys their sale. Amazingly it is not true as it actually increases their sale and also helps them gain their lost (if it is) fame back in their pocket.Let me illustrate with simple example. If a music album, say of fifteen years back has been in dustbin, been again showed up on the music counters, than obviously the sale would increase by approximately 50-60%. Whereas earlier what it was giving to the music world? Just Rust. So we have to decide what we really want Rust or Trust (Best example is remix).

If statically we manipulate the numbers (by Britney Spears or In Sync) played repeatedly on radio or TV would have increased their gains than downloading it for free and resulting in profitable sales of blank CD’ S and even consumer’s life has become easier.Must be a question bothering the readers that why to download when they could easily listen the music on their personal systems. Hard fact is that downloading links ones interest for oldies, which are gold, in the present time even. Thus it shoots for two targets in one go; firstly let one listen which is not available and secondly enhancing the sales of the oldies and fetch exposure.
Does it violate anybody’s copyright?
RIAA( Recording Industry Association OF America) doesn’t even complain copyright to download legal music as the artists themselves are giving permission to download (We have The divine Maggees, Oliver Brown). There are number of websites offering free downloading but take care it can’t be licensed to share., Altsounds alternative music online,, Artistlaunch, CD Baby, Epitonic, Oggle, Soundlife etc.
One can also search for more sites on,,,, and other search engines.These sites offer free music at no cost and no gimmicks or strings attached.
Besides this there are many free music licenses like EFF open audio license, open music registry, and Creative commons? get content page etc.
Thus we can say that peer to peer nature is truly global as people don’t want to download the whole cd they just want 3-4 songs, which suggests that peer to peer is just like radio, a source of promoting digital music. More competition less costly it would be. That means if customer likes 3-4 songs of one album, which he has downloaded for free, he would definitely buy the cd worth $5 to $10 or more, so automatically it would increase the sale of the artist.Next time when you think stealing the music shirk the idea cause you have free music downloading system. With the new 3G and 3.9G technologies coming up the speeds are going to be amazing and the free music downloads will become superfast and much easier .

Enjoy the free ride.


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