World Peace a Prayer to Lord


Word Peace , World Peace , World Peace , World Peace , World Peace , World Peace a talk of many forums . Hindus used to sing the following prayer during the yagyas with the fire god as the evidence thousands of years ago and the they do it even today.

SUN , MOON , FIRE AND WATER are the most visible forms of GOD ‘ S Energy .

O Lord, let the energies of fire, wind, water, sun and moon bring goodness for all of us. Let the herbs be destroyers of diseases. Let grief, fear, pain and diseases not touch our lives. Our wealth be productive for us. Let our appreciation make us feel joyous. May our ingrained knowledge be peace giving and disciplined living be pleasure inducing. Make us such as to respect the wise and learned. Lord, let our fame be for our welfare.

O Lord, the sustainer of all lives, let the innumerable nectar like elements of earth, the vast expanse of earth and space be peace giving. Let the rains and mountains bring peace to us and the beautiful and wise verses of the erudite men harmonize us. The sun and moon, during the days and nights spread tranquility all around. The good deeds of the kind and religious hearted people bring joys to us. The fast blowing dynamic winds gather serenity from all directions and spread it in our lives. The herbs, medicinal plants and forest resources may wipe all ailments. May the rays of the sun falling on the essential and extremely beneficial water scatter peace around us.

O Lord, fulfiller of the wishes of all living beings and punisher of the devilish, may you bring happiness in our

lives. Let the name of Lord and the knowledge of scriptures and rituals fulfill all desires of human beings. May the water, mountains, directions, earth and sun give happiness to all living organisms. May the Mother Earth be comforting to us. Courageous and learned men with positive thoughts provide joy to us. Let the rains and bright rays of dawn give happiness to mankind. May the enlightened and admirable intellectuals with their knowledge of science and scriptures be inspirational and joy inducing for us. May all the elements of nature be felicitous for us.

O Heavenly Father, may the followers of truth, those blessed with genius mind, achievers of lofty goals and our parents and ancestors protecting us in all good deeds, give us happiness. O Lord, your enlightened presence is in the form of master of this world. There shall be well being of our friends, relatives and all living creatures with your grace. Lord, may the wind, sun, electricity and thunderous rain bring showers of happiness for all of us from all directions. The days may give us joy and the nights may give us peace.

O Lord of the world, may the radiant abode of the sun give us joy. The sky situated in between earth and space be happiness giving. May the earth be favorable to all. Let even peace be peace giving to us. The omnipresent creator, give our eyes the strength to see you, listen to you and speak the sweetest words for hundred years. Let not misery ever enter or lives and our entire life be independent.

O protector of world, whether we are asleep or awake let our heart and mind be concentrated on benevolent goals. Let my heart that inclines towards moral duties be away from immoral acts. The heart that is inside each one of us, is the source of pure knowledge, without which no activity is possible, may it desire for virtues and be away from vices. The formless heart, through which man relates to the aspects of past, present and future, through which man unites to God, understands the concept of time and space, conducts all knowledge and activity and through which all the five senses along with mind and soul come together for self-development, may this heart of mine be knowledge seeking and avoid all ignorance and dispute.


The heart which is the witness of all dynamic life circulating on earth, such heart of mine may give up all unawareness and stay ahead in search of truth. The heart which also strays here and there just as a carriage drawn by horses, abandons its spiritual state and feels agitated at time but may it gain control and stop the senses from immorality and take it on the path of religion.


O Lord, let the space, sky and earth make us fearless. Let all directions left and right, up and down, forward and backward protect us. Let us not be afraid of our friends or foes, or people known or unknown to us. Let the nights and days make us courageous and fearless. May all our aspirations and directions be beneficial to us and usher peace and harmony in our lives.


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