Today or Tomorrow

One today is worth two tomorrowsToday
Our hopes, aspirations, activities, desires and our existence are all outcome of our efforts made “today”. Living life till the lees is only possible if one knows that tomorrow life is too late and one must learn to live it today.

And what is life? It is a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing. All we have to do is to find these missing pieces and fit and our today is bright giving in life long dividends.
Today the world is stepping ahead in the direction of globalization. What is globalization? It is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is a process of providing key to the economical development at one hand, which is irreversible and inevitable, and also a fear because it increases inequality between nations and within, threatens employment and living standards and thwarts social progress. Today’s scenario has been changed cause of globalization as it offers extensive opportunities for truly worldwide development. The brief overview of globalization today can be read on the following heads:

Tech savvy world
In these days of global economy, which is not only a cliché but a fact and technology is considered as one of the important engines of economic growth. Trade barriers among nations are falling and computer revolution has developed at shrinking distances and time spreading technological opportunities far and wide. The dot com world has reduced our needs to a dot, now everything is at our fingertips. To quote ‘s reverend Prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh that globalization is both an opportunity and a challenge. Speaking at public forum the Prime Minister said that no one could have imagined a decade ago that India would be a major software services exporter and that a new process of ‘brain gain’, rather than ‘brain drain’ would be created by these new opportunities. The growth of the knowledge economy had opened up new markets for science and technology based products. In manufacturing too there were global opportunities that would have to be tapped. “We would like to make globalization a win – win game. How we deal with the challenge of globalization and how we make use of its opportunities will shape our relations with the world and the world’s perception of our capabilities as a nation. I do believe that this has already happened in substantial measure”, he added.

Financial integration
Globalization means that world trade and financial markets are becoming more integrated. Their experience in catching up with the advanced economies has been mixed. In some countries, especially in Asia, per capita incomes have been moving quickly toward levels in the industrial countries since 1970.It means that they can have access to more capital flows, technology, cheaper imports, and larger export markets. For e.g. Trade: Developing countries as a whole have increased their share of world trade–from 19 percent in 1971 to 29 percent in 1999.

Capital Movement
Many people associate with globalization, sharply increased private capital flows to developing countries during much of the 1990s.

Movement of People
Workers move from one country to another partly to find better employment opportunities. The numbers involved are still quite small, but in the period 1965-90, the proportion of labor forces round the world that was foreign born increased by about one-half.

Spread of knowledge
Information exchange is an integral, often overlooked, aspect of globalization. For instance, direct foreign investment brings not only an expansion of the physical capital stock, but also technical innovation. More generally, knowledge about production methods, management techniques, and exports markets and economic policies is available at very low cost, and it represents a highly valuable resource for the developing countries.

Competitive World

Economic stability, institution building, and structural reform have given birth to competition today. There is race to accumulate physical capital as well as human capital in industries hence more attention is paid to Education, training, and research and development to promote productivity. There is awakening for Macroeconomic stability to create the right conditions for investment and saving; Outward oriented policies to promote efficiency through increased trade and investment.

Nuclear Vision
Today’s ardent need is to keep the nation armed and safeguard its freedom. To retain the achieved prosperity success and happiness different countries are marching forward to go nuclear as they have to guard themselves against the sea of troubles emanating from the difference of opinions with the neighboring countries. There is race amongst many countries of the world to equip themselves with nuclear arms to serve as a deterrent for the others. At the same time there is a lobby in the world which wants to curb this race for the benefit of long term peace in the world which is very important. Today is the only time to resolve these issues with talks and discussions.

The third eye
Newspaper, television and Internet world are just like umbilical chord to the society. The absence of these facilities today will be catastrophically to the survival of fairness in public life and half the society would not be knowing of the developments in the others half. These are the sources of education to the readers in the fields of developments of gamut of fields viz. Science, Engineering, Business, Sports, and host of other areas like spiritualism, health care, women’s’ rights, child development, environmental protection and human resource development etc. Not only these they also act as intermediaries for social activities like matrimonial, personal advertisements etc.

Today Internet has made one to one communication a reality. It allows an individual to create his own newspaper and have delivered to him at his computer. One can shop online and talk to people worldwide at a fraction of the cost of traditional means of communications. It has led to an explosion in teleworking jobs for American and European companies that are done in developing countries by savvy imported entrepreneurs.

Cultural transfusion
Today Cultural flows are transforming the politics of national identity and the politics of identity more generally, Brain drain being the great reason for it. Hats off to today’s changing scenario. The extensity, intensity, speed and sheer volume of cultural communication at a global level are unsurpassed. The global diffusion of radio, television, the Internet, satellite and digital technologies, and so on, has made instantaneous communication possible, rendered many border checks and controls over information ineffective, and exposed an enormous constituency to diverse cultural outputs and values. While linguistic differences continue to be a barrier to these processes, the global dominance of English provides a linguistic infrastructure that parallels the technological infrastructures of the era. In contrast to earlier periods in which states and theocracies have been central to cultural globalization, the current era is one in which corporations are the central producers and distributors of
cultural products.

The world of entertainment
Apart from economical, social and political growth today entertainment has also gained much of prosperity. These days, successful multiplex designs involve emulating stylish hotels, evoking nostalgia for classic theaters and renovating or expanding on those original palaces of dreams. Today its just not entertainment rather it has become informative and educative for instance, Ken Loach film makes you think about your society; a Mike Leigh film makes you understand your soul. Godfrey Reggio’s films make you meditate, while works by Larry Clark, Ed Solomoz or Gaspar Noe test your limits. A David Lynch film makes you feel you are in a dream; a Tarantino one makes you have fun. James Cameron’s films make a lot of money, while one by Walter Salles tells you what a human being is. In bollywood laagan is such movie, which tells the story of a ragtag group of Indian farmers who form a cricket team to take on the British taxation authorities in the 19th century. Such movies give deep insight into our historical roots.
To sum up today in a world marked by terrorism and war, poverty and sickness, conflicting moralities and economic inequities, movies can be a healing force; a bridge to connect people; a means of promoting peace, understanding and tolerance; or simply a brief but welcome respite from the real world. They can also serve as a reflection of a nation’s fears; an agent of propaganda; a cold, hard look at society’s ills; or an implicit plea for change.But are these the only things which today’s changing scenario is witnessing. The answer is big no. There are various fields and aspects on which progress of future lies in today. After all today is the only producer and giver of tomorrows successful results. It is the only energy generator on which rest tomorrows hopes, aspirations, desires, and activities to be fulfilled. Nostradomus famous for the “Man Who Saw Tomorrow” said that his predictions for future can be changed by the leaders taking bolder decisions today.

Spiritualism and Materialism Integration
Surely you can change the tomorrow by changing the thought process of today. Thoughts are generated by the universal impulses of energy and are very powerful in their game play. Thoughts are energy and they become things. So choose the best ones now for a better tomorrow so that the future generations are proud of the human beings who are traveling the planet earth and walking on it in their mind body n soul today.God has given free will and allows humans to change negative thoughts into positive ones of abundance and affluence because this is the nature of the Universe.What ever today’s society in the world has got is directly the result of the thought process the human beings who traveled and walked on the planet earth in the past.Yesterday’s society feared God and today’s society loves God.Lord krishna was the first dancing and flute playing God in and spoke the Universal truth on a field of one of the greatest wars and taught the way of life in Bhagwad Geeta the most respected holy book of the Hindus and many others world wide.His lovers are always in celebration singing and dancing and remain in ecastsy of maha nirwana.Life is vibrating with the Universal energies of essence that is light and sound and dancing all around us. See the cosmic dance of the stars in the sky. Dance, dance and laugh and enjoy the moment of now the present today. We become aware by this process. Awareness is the fire power which can burn the thoughts and we can burn the negative thoughts and substitute them with the positive ones in our quiet mind. We are created in the image of God and have his powers and energy. We are still discovering the Universe and we shall as it is holding enormous abundance and affluence for us. There may also be more life awaiting interaction with us. Let us create and co-create with God healthy, wealthy, wise, abundant and affluent world of human beings of tomorrow who will be free from fear, disease, wars and stress.


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