Bridge Across the Shores

When a pebble is thrown into a puddle of stagnated water it produces enough ripples making sound and churning the water for some time. Giving it activeness. When the pebbles are pelted continuously, producing ripples and sounds, the puddle is finally no longer seen instead stands a bridge to cross the dross. This is exactly what the bridge of hope does for us. It churns our mind, heart and soul to unite them together so that we set new targets till we fulfill them once again.

Though this sounds repetitive but undoubtedly “hope” is like the first ray of sunlight in Norway after half a year of darkness or that tiny green straw in the vast snow-clad deserts of Siberia. So don’t let anything obstruct the sunlight from entering our Norwegian-heart or anything crumple the green leaves in our Siberian-heart.



Author: admin