Love yourself to love God

As children, there was one message about god ingrained into us saying, “god is everywhere and in each one of us”. This message is absolutely true and its prime purpose was to create a feeling of love and tolerance towards our fellow human beings, and to treat people with equality and dignity.

Though looking at the terrorized world we dwell in, i am skeptic about how well this message was received by most of us or how deep it penetrated into our psyche. The message is still very germane but a changed interpretation will do us better.

“God is in each one of us”. That means god is in tom, dick and even Harry but most importantly god is also in me or within me. So before being able to love tom and dick, i must begin to love myself. As normal humans we can only give something that we have. Even for charity we first need to earn money to donate it. So unless your soul has received love, how can it give love to others. Further it is unwise and unfair on our part to expect others to love us if we do not have it for ourselves. Loving ourselves does not mean we turn egoist, it merely means we start valuing and appreciating our existence. When we care for ourselves, we care for the god who created us and is seated within us.

Love generates warmth in and around you. This warmth brings abundance in life. With the first touch of sun’s golden fingers on earth’s surface, the entire world comes to life. The flora in its vibrant hues and fauna in its vivacity are a symbol of light, abundance and glory. The sun is its own source of illumination. And this brilliancy of the sun awakens the world to zest and zeal. Similarly loving our self creates, on its own, a warm and emphatic personality out of us. This sparkling affection is bound to touch and affect the people we come across.

There is a magnetic attraction between the people of this world. We like some people and love some because we feel drawn towards them. But some people like mother Teresa love all and are loved by all. Mother Teresa could give her unconditional love to others because she first realized the presence of god within her began loving him by loving herself and therefore succeeded in seeing god in the entire humanity. it is cruel on our part to deny our soul the love it deserves. To love your soul is to feel worthy of yourself in the scheme of creation. None of us is a creation by chance. We are here to reach the point of bliss and simultaneously help others experience that same ecstasy.

When the soul is quenched with love, the body emanates positive vibes which attracts similar people in your life. This is a synergized, mutually beneficial process where your lives are resplendent with freshness and light. When we are seriously fond of something or love something, for example the music of guitar, we would somehow manage to find a music tutor and a guitar or at least a recorded album. In the same way, when we love ourselves enough and therefore love god enough, we are most certainly to reach oneness with the cosmos.

We agree on the point that to love god, we have to love ourselves. But the moot question is how do we express our love to ourselves? Looking after your body is the first step in loving god. God chose our body to house himself and surely he does not enjoy a weak and ailing structure. Sound mind resides in a sound body. It is crucial that you give importance to your diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle. Women in general (particularly Indian women) do not bother or bother too late for their bodies and its needs. It is very good to be caring towards others but you have a responsibility towards your body as well. A healthy diet, proper workout and a holistic lifestyle will make you feel enriched and energetic both physically and mentally. if the body is fit as a fiddle the mind automatically concentrates on creative and positive thoughts.

When the body is sanguine and the mind fertile, there is bountiful love and warmth generated inside you, ready to be fed to the soul. You cannot love others by ignoring love to yourself. If your inner self is unhappy, unloved and uncared, how long can you make others happy.

Sooner or later the dissatisfaction and resentment is going to catch up with you causing disharmony between body, mind and soul. Sacrificing your own need of love and care does not make you selfless. In the long run it rather makes you a cold, negative and distant person. Since you never loved your being, you never drew such other people who would manifest their love to you. Lack of love makes you lonely and grim.

There was a beautiful anecdote that appeared in reader’s digest few months ago. A mother went to put her child to bed. After tucking her little daughter in the bed and bidding good night, she reached the door and called out to her daughter saying, “Darling, mummy loves you”. And there came the most surprising and amusing reply, “i love myself too”. This innocent reply speaks volumes on positivism.  Loving or caring for you is not being selfish. It is being sensible and sensitive. We are a creation of that divine force. Preserving and nurturing each element of his creation i.e. body, mind and spirit is our obligation. Remember one thing “the soul in you is his”. So when you think of your self, you actually think of god, when you love yourself you love him and when you reach your inner self you reach him.

Author: admin