Sublimate Your Soul

Peace of Soul

Peace of Soul
To Achieve World Peace

Right from the origin of human life, man has endeavored to decipher and comprehensed the grand truth about his existence i.e. spirit and soul through meditation and introspection. The ability to meditate and contemplate differentiates a thinking man from a mere human being.

In the scientific history of mankind, the word “Dharma” or religion has been used to signify the religion of humanity or universal spiritualism. Today people are identifying themselves by categorizing in various communities and sects. And our ignorance has lead us to misconceive sectarianism as religion. People may be known by any community or religion but when they bow before the Omniscient pure energy to make a prayer, the crux and desire of every prayer is that “God, protect our hearts and minds from all negativities of the world and guide us on the path of integrity”. But what is it that disillusions a man to leave his meditative state of mind, halt his spiritual journey and fall prey to the unrestrained desires of his senses and walk the path of iniquity? If we attempt to understand the core of this human nature, the conclusion springs from the fact of impurity of the soul.

It is difficult to understand that while in one moment a man calls himself part of a particular religion and seeks God’s positive energy, the very next moment he sets out to raze other religions, turning deaf to the helpless cries of women and the pitiable sobs of children. Why does man no longer rejoice in his brethren’s happiness?

Why is man from man, brother from brother always up in arms against each other? Why is it that not just the worldly people forming part of the so-called progressive society, but even the self proclaimed preachers of religion have bartered the path of righteousness for selfishness and avarice and the lost the way to truth? There is one and only one reason behind these grim conditions and that is “Depravity of the soul”.

What is this spirit or soul? Spirit is that element which inspires the heart and mind to tread on the way of virtue. The total solemnity of the spirit is in the form of memory (smriti) that guides a man to distinguish between right and wrong at all times. The basic goodness or nobility of the soul depends on the values inculcated in our lives. The soul is undoubtedly influenced by the presence of the quality of parents, teachers and the conduct of the people surrounding you. But over and above it, the spirit’s piety is dependent on personal lifestyle and proximity to Mother Nature.

In order to support his bodily journey, man intakes three kinds of food. First are grains – for bodily strength, second comes water – for preservation of life and then air – for continuity of life. The quality of grain depends on the quality of water and air. If the cause or motive of an event is maligned, the effect will be naturally negative. Today, the water that we drink is polluted; similarly the air that goes in and out of our lungs to maintain our life process is also polluted. Hence it is evident that due to polluted water and air, the resultant food grain is also impure. Considering the importance of food in the positivism of the spirit, founder of Yoga Rishi Patanjali stated “Aahar shuddho, satva shuddhi”, meaning if the food intake is wholesome, the soul will be vibrant too.

Lord Krishna, in Bhagvad Geeta has mentioned Yagya as the primary means of expurgating food, water and air. The genesis of Indian philosophy and knowledge is in the Vedas, according to which there are seven layers in the purification of human spirit and the layers in the form of food, water and air are extremely significant.

The conclusion is that, look at the root cause of the problem to arrive at its solution. If today man is witnessing the world moving towards apocalypse, the way to peace will have to be searched in his core element itself. Terror and hostility like tress have spread their roots in the entire universe, mere trimming or cutting of its leaves and branches will not be of much use in restoring harmony. If mankind desires to get rid of this anarchy and chaos, then spirit of man will have to undergo ablution from the roots. In reality, sanctity of the soul can be attained only through cultivation of ethics and defiled nature.

With this approach in mind and aim in heart, humanity shall be ruled by one community, one religion and that shall be PEACE. Universal peace and universal spiritualism are not utopian concepts, they can be a reality if we get back to being thinking and meditative men and women instead of being mere humans.

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