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Mirror of Life

Mirror             of Life

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall, who is the fairest of them all. At the unexpected reply “Snow white”, bitterness and battering of the queen became Snow white’s destiny. But that was a fairy tale with an eventual happy ending for her. But what about real people like us. What does the mirror say, when we look into it. Mirrors never lie, be it fairy tale or reality. It reflects exactly the way you stand before it.

The basic purpose of looking into mirror is to know about our physical appearance and we keep enhancing the appearance till we get the desired look. But what happens when we get our wishful and pleasing image. It gives us a sense of confidence and infuses a new wave of positive thinking. This confidence shows in our deportment and personality. Its human tendency that when we are unsure about our outer appearance, a part of our mind is constantly preoccupied by that nagging thought. Consequently we focus less on the work at hand by that much amount. Ultimately, the work and we both suffer. It does not imply that outer appearance alone is the problem or the solution to confidence building, efficiency or positive thinking attitude. But in our present world of glitz and glamour it pays to look presentable and pleasing. Someone rightly said, “When a woman is badly dressed, people notice the dress, but when a woman is well-dressed, people notice the woman.”

Mirror is our first encounter to self image. When our eyes enjoy the image they see in the mirror, it sends a signal to the brain which then releases chemicals that lighten our mood and boost confidence. Every morning is a bright new beginning when we set out for our jobs. But there mustn’t have been a day when we left before sizing ourselves in the mirror. All of us will recall such days when we looked better than usual and hence left the house with a more cheerful face, feeling like a winner already. There is a streak of positivism across the face. Your face is the index of your mind. When the mind is under botheration depression or stress, it loses its natural radiance and sulks. Similarly when the mind is relaxed about its body image the face appears charming. So now the mind is completely at your disposal to concentrate on other jobs. This is harmony of mind body and soul.

But the mirror places its own challenges before us. Where it reflects a glowing complexion and bouncy mane, it is equally adept at pointing out the grey strands amidst your hair and the fine wrinkles appearing with age. It is common knowledge that women lose interest in sex after menopause. But psychologists believe mirror to be responsible for this condition. When women see their bulging tummies, hips and thighs, etc in the mirror, they become victims of self doubt. She appears less desirable to herself and naturally concludes diminishing desirability in others’ eyes as well. But if they were to wear the right kind of outfit, get into a workout routine and consume altered diets, they would soon catch an attractive and shapely reflection again. And the despondency and undesirability can be effectively handled. When a man notices his first few strands of grey hair and a paunch appearing from nowhere, it makes him a little nervous. But the quick fixing hair dye and gym equipments help to vanish the nervousness and there stands an enterprising entrepreneur and confident executive once again with mind body and soul in harmony.



The present day popularity of fashion designers dresses, cosmetic surgeries, facial products, hair and body treatments solutions are all means to combat the negative psychological precedence that takes over our mind, when we view not-so-attractive reflection of ourselves in the mirror. But fighting a negative image is one thing and entering into self vanity, making your physical appearance the be all and end all of your life is another thing. There is a thin line between maintaining a positive image and creating a conceited image. Our insecurity about appearance should be curable rather than becoming a reason for another illness called self illusion. Physical appearance is important only to the extent that your positive thinking attitude does not get affected by the lack of it. Because coming to think of it, our mirror image subconsciously and unknowingly affects our psyche considerably. The way we see ourselves is the way we feel about ourselves. This is probably the reason that in olden times when there was no electricity, the elders did not let the children look into the mirror after dark as it would present a dark and negative image to them which was not required. It shows how mirror subtly and silently contributes in shaping our personality and destiny.

Though biological ageing is an undeniable natural phenomenon and our physical features are not in our hands, 75% of our ageing can be self regulated. A part of this regulation is taken care of by the cosmetic and health and wellness industry and the good part of it is regulated by the positivism you feel about yourself. A smiling and a cherubic face is bound to send happy signals to the mind. And catching a glimpse of such a face, our eyes send another signal to the soul of the universe, which then attracts more of such cheerful people in our lives. It all comes down to the fact that as you see so shall you be. A positive reflection staring at you every morning will pump in enthusiasm and vitality in your life. The mirror is a fair and truthful companion; do not be scared of its judgment. Broader the smile you give it, equally broad will be the smile reflecting at you. Carry this smile through your day and you will witness numerous smiles being spread across and equal number of smiles coming back to you. So when you ask, “Mirror! Mirror! On the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” To get that secretly favorite reply “YOU”, even the truthful mirror can be bribed with your sparkling smile.

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