Heal Yourself Naturaly

We all get unwell at some time or the other. It can be due to several reasons. The main culprit could be a mismanaged or uncoordinated body. When the body is not in sync with the environment, it would lead to trouble.

A digestive issue like a major stomach ailment could be the result of prolonged stomach infection which was not well attended to. If further ignored it could also lead to deadly threats to life like jaundice or Colon cancer. We often tend to get disharmonized when the natural environment is challenged. A minor stomach ache is often taken as nothing serious and the sufferer takes pain killers to avoid the pain and get going with his work. This ignorance plays havoc on life. Coping with pain is synonymous with coping with stress. Our body gives signals to the brain about stress and the brain decides to ignore or get sustained. The latter would lead him to strokes and health hazards; while the former would make him fight against it.

Our body is designed in such a way to overcome any negative thing. It can be pain or stress. The body is tough enough to take pressure and fight against it. Intake of sedatives to temporarily ignore the ailment is the most treacherous thing you can do to yourself. Pain is just a signal we get for our body that there is something wrong and needs attention. We are all blessed with intuitive interests and can foresee anything negative coming to us. Our body does send signals but since we are too occupied with our schedule we do not accept it and deny that we have some problem. Often lack of time and not awareness is the root cause of all troubles. The more love and consciousness we give to our body the faster it recovers form the agony of pain. The more impatient we are towards it the more time it will take to heal. Give it discomfort it will tend to persist.  Take the example of a woman in labor. Her body is made in to produce babies. If she clutches herself and tightens her body, the process of childbirth would be more painful than would it could have been. Take the example of a person who has appendicitis. The body is in extreme intolerable pain and sends signals to brain. Now the brain has to take the decision to withstand it or fight against it. The next step would be take huge doses of pain killers and head for the doctor or relax and calm you down imagining the Pain to subside normally. This can take time but practice done regularly would ease out the pain. Also finding the reason for the pain can a big help. Try finding which food caused the pain. Try to abstain from it completely. Since intuitions work very fast. Rest your body completely on your intuition. Your body can never lie. Try listening to it and help is at arm’s length.

Often people ignore the beginning of the pain. A mild pain in the heart could further lead to heart attack. But listening to your body and taking action at the very first go helps to ward off the attack. The most important thing to understand is that pain has its own language. Its mode of communication is different and unique. To understand the language is half the battle won. It will speak to you when the begin starts haunting you. It signals that there is something wrong with your system and needs immediate attention. The best thing to do is to reciprocate with love to the body’s signals. Talk to it as if it is a person and respect it just like it is your boss.

We all communicate with pain differently according to our natures:

  • The miser: He complains about him being chosen for the misery of pain and not someone else.

  • The silent observer: He quietly undertakes al the pain and feels that it was his right to withstand it and nothing can done against it.

  • The conqueror: He retorts all actions to fight against the pain by taking the latest sedatives available in the market.

  • The Blamer: who blames himself constantly for the pain or someone else for that matter.

A vigorous activity involving all stressful activities might seem comfortable to you. But one fine day your body might react against it in anger. It can suddenly cause bowel dysfunction or a heart attack. Treating your body lovingly and adhering to some rest is the best form to relax. The worst thing you can give your body is a pill. It might seem okay but can create problems for you in the send. The best remedy is to meditate. It might seem long but try this remedy for prolong results. When the pain evokes, breathe deeply and concentrate on the place where the pain is subsided. Gradually let the pain leave you’re body and go up like a cloud of smoke. Replace it with positive thought inside the body and feel the tenderness of love and bliss inside.  This will become a regular practice and gradually pain would be the last thing in your Mind. Feeling pain and having pain are two different things. Sometimes pain is just imaginary and it needs to escape from the body through constant efforts of the brain. The brain is the power house and needs to be strengthened with positive recovery thoughts and not negative thoughts.

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