Women Entrepreneurs

The ladder of success
Recently Indira Vishnampet , The CEO and founder of Hydus, Inc. (Houston) a solutions provider in enterprise integration and enterprises data management_ has been rewarded as the Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur for the year 2007 for her professional achievements.

Is she the only one who has brought laurels. What makes a woman a successful entrepreneur is not what we call family background or luck.

Shanaz Hussain
is the famous woman entrepreneur who won India ‘s highest honor Padma Shree in the field of natural beauty and anti-ageing treatments but she accumulated all fame with the dint of her accepting new challenges, listening to her instincts to be innovative and enhancing her foresight and accomplishing her goals. She is the real entrepreneur.

Success came abruptly to housewife turn entrepreneur Mrs. Vibha Bahl , founder and Managing Director FUN FOODS, INDIA , who started her career as businesswoman by taking homemade flavored yoghurt to Diwali Mela and they ended up selling like hot cakes. And her journey of success started way back in 1984. Now she has over 200 people working under her in three factories and a range of 120 products to her credit.

Betsy Fein , the president of Clutterbuster , was once serving as human resource director, who after getting fired from her job decided to forget chasing the rat race; instead she thought to own something with more flexibility and more time for her kids, friends and family members and lo! She discovered her innate quality of home organizing which her town, her friends and family. The business which she started with a shoestring budget has now flourished and is a recognized industry leader.

They are not different. Difference lies in recognizing their existing potential.
This potential is an embodiment of self confidence , talent, versatility, realizing ones own empowerment, trusting your gut feeling, balance between professional and family life and above all is cultivating desire to produce par excellence mind body and soul.

Behind every success story there is some motivational factor. But being themselves motivators women Entrepreneurs are not handicapped to any man of body and soul rather they generate them with their sense of intuition, building strong relations and hierarchy with the spirituality.
Talking about statistical data it is found that raising a venture capital is not only men’s territory but it is surveyed that women led companies excelled by ten percent in different walks of business. Reason behind is their result orientation, focus on action and breaking shackles of restrictions and marching towards sustaining powerhouse of fund raising. Isn’t that sounding unusual?

If we give a peep to Diary Industry in India we find that credit for its being No.1 in milk production goes to women who have been the facilitators and promoters of this industry. There should be follow-up development programs for such women who are in a way small unrecognized entrepreneurs. Some of the organizations like CFTRI etc are trying to crystallize turning micro zone industries to national agenda. This sort of support definitely empower woman to remove the gender bias and kiss the feet of success as COMPLETE WOMAN. Besides the support of government they themselves are the motivators. Women Entrepreneurs are not handicapped to any man of body and soul rather they generate them with their sense of intuition, building strong relations and hierarchy with the spirituality.

Women as a matter of fact can be entrepreneurs if they pocket few value points, which can be their weaknesses actually. The demarcation between wining and loosing, personal failures shouldn’t be taken as defeats and mistakes which are inevitable in business and above all following the rule of first collecting, organizing. Developing, modifying, and ready to shoot and success is touching your feet can help the lead. Women entrepreneurs climb the ladder of success with the deep and intense faith in their potential, discovering their positives to turn into self love and self acceptance, not hesitant to be opportunist to make the chain of associates, capacity to take educated risks, be persistent in taking maximum gains from their efforts and empowering their vision beyond achieving goals .

How to recognize yourself as Entrepreneurs?

  • If you are result oriented, you are gifted with entrepreneurial powers.

  • If you are believer in action, you can be an entrepreneur.

  • If you have spontaneous and independent thinking you are blessed with entrepreneurial qualities.

  • If you can equate between business and family you are the one who can rule the world with entrepreneurial skills.

  • If you can nurture innate power and professional power within simultaneously you are an entrepreneur.

  • If you have the ability to catch up fast in this patriarchic society without hurting their chauvinism you are the real and successful entrepreneur.

  • If you are national as well as international business information savvy, you are the one. (Though formal knowledge is not obligatory but latest know how’s of technology is the boon).

  • If you are energetic, creative, and imaginative and have passion to do things in your own way you have the potential to be entrepreneur.

  • If you are opportunity realizer, idea facilitator and promoter you can find yourself finally landing into business.

  • If you have a notion that once you start your venture you have to serve to the world the same way as you serve YOUR FAMILY you are an entrepreneur.

    Some secret steps to be successful entrepreneurs are:
    Ø Set your goals
    Ø Plan investment , resources and gains thereafter , beforehand only
    Ø Stay in tune with people who can help to make you come in limelight
    Ø Shoot the target and lo! Gains flow in.
    Ø Review your plans
    Ø Look for customer to buy your idea/product

    Get rid of that insecurity demon

Overcome those fears of not having enough capital, lack of family support, lack of confidence and lack of right public and private institutions just listen to your soul’s voice the real you the real entrepreneur.

Some Motivational guidelines
Exposure and stimulation : travel all the distances to get exposed ,to people of power, to resources, to knowledge , to communication industry and whatever can help you .
Encourage Mentoring : be in the company of people with positive thinking coz they fill with enthusiasm and encouragement.
Create Support system : Internet, social circle and above all aim high to get quick and positive results
Learn to deal with failures : take failure as a challenge recollect all your flaws work upon and make them your strengths.
Don’t doubt your viability : don’t confront with your talented soul. Crave for unquenchable thirst of power and pelf and ways will automatically open up for you.
Open up all the avenues : realize your dreams and be generous to open up all the avenues to let profit flow in from all the directions.

So if you have a compelling idea and well thought of executing it .Be passionate about it, build the sources and sell your idea.

Yes, I can see a woman entrepreneur emerging.


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