Love Yourself First Then Others

We usually spend a major part of our life running after the people who we really crave for. What we don’t realize is the importance of the life we live in. We take you for granted and forget everything in respect to our growth. In the blind race of money and power we forget who we are.

We tend to find ourselves incomplete and try to complete our lonely life with the solace provided by others. We all dislikes some parts of our body we are blessed with. They may be our hands, feet, legs or eyes. Then we admire those gifted actors who we seem are complete with nature’s bounty of beauty. Yet whatever we have we should cherish it. It might seem tough but follow these simple rules and you are sure to find your way to beauty.

Analyze your whole self and not just your different parts. You would seem more appreciable to yourself and others once you take into consideration of yourself as a complete personality. It would include your way of talking, walking, eating, perceiving and others like your habits and way of taking life.

Stop finding faults in yourself and focus on the beauty side of it. You might not have beautiful hands but you might have appreciable eyes. Often focusing on good thing lead to positive approach to life and you start taking life differently.

Try to achieve something rather than frown over things you desired. If you have not got what you wanted, maybe it is not destined. Rather try achievements. Make goals and accomplish them. It would lead to a sense of power and control over your life.

Pictures of models that seem completely beautiful sans any flaws only seem to appear that way than what they really are. They go through vigorous sessions of make up, hair styling, and correct photography to shoot the correct angles. In the end, the pictures are developed when any negative thing like a flaw or scar is removed to make the picture seem more appealing. Sometimes even the body of one woman is attached with another one. A woman with beautiful eyes is linked with a woman of good figure. Even pictures of models who are exercising are not real. Beautiful models that are not so good in shape are links with superbly figured modes. That is the superficial. So, stop feeling low about yourself. God has given some good points but taken something. It is very rare to find a complete beauty.

Don’t rush yourself to get quick results. You can never get results in a jiffy or overnight. Constant good habits like good sleep, proper diet intake and a positive frame of mind can make a picture perfect out of you. Being satisfied with the way you are is the best thing you can gift yourself. No amount of pills or month long crash diet would give positive results. Go the tortoise way and love everything you do. It would make a complete person out of you.

Treat your self the same way you want to treat others. Often we take the it the other way. We normally treat others the way we want them to treat others. Give yourself the same admiration you give to the stars and soon you would start feeling like one. It is all in perception. We cannot teach other how to treat us. Rather we should respect ourselves first.

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