Fat Paycheques vs Health

The most desirable thing required by a person is a high well paying job with a fat paycheck. But it also means the amount of fat you are loading in your belly to compete with the pay cheques.

People equate higher job satisfaction with the number of hours they input in their work profile. In the long run it makes them obese and leads to diseases. People with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to health related problems than those who are constantly on the move. Regular desk jobs are the main highlights that lead to all woes in life. Therefore no matter how close you are to your job, the fact remains that it is killing you softly!!

  • While women are less prone to these health hazards, the men are closer to such diseases. But, both genders should be more careful about weight worries. Sedentary jobs have their own side effects. Highly active workers are found to be more fit and healthy than their sedentary counterparts.

    In spite of all that we all want to stick to our well paying jobs. The good new is that with certain guidelines and principles health can be in your own hands. Here’s how, Always have regular meals: With faster moving careers the heart rate of people has suddenly aggravated to a very high level. The stress on deadlines and work pressure has somehow affected the food habits of people down the line. People throng over fast foods like burgers, hot dogs, French fries, colas etc. A high-pressure jobs means meetings, phone call, emails and by noon the energy level is subsided. The lack of energy levels pays havoc on your life and leads to worries. It is a must to give time to healthy breakfast to ensure you input power to make you going throughout the day. Start off the day with milk or fruit juice powered by oats, cereals and fruits or whole wheat bread. One should take lunch, which would include pulses, vegetables, yogurt and salads. Evenings should consist of dry fruits, or juice. Get going on the treadmill: Sedentary lifestyle leads to loss of exercise. It weakens the digestion and hinders blood circulation. To start everything normally, exercise everyday to improve your muscle power. Begin the day with a war welcome to the sun and go off to jog in the fresh and crisp air. The morning environment would elevate your spirits and bring back the lost zeal in your life. Instead of working out in the gym go in the outdoors and get the real power exercise.

    Bring back life: Very often we tend to get so absorbed in our jobs that we forget that there is life outside it. We all have talent and creative interests and somehow forget them all once the burden of work comes on us. Take up a hobby and cultivate it by doing it daily. It can be painting, reading, dancing. These activities will bring back the lost charm you once had for life. You will start living happily and actively. There is always time after work is always. Don’t waste is by being a couch potato.

  • Involve all your coworkers for the game of life: Life is a game. Live it seriously and you are bound to lose. Live every moment with zeal. Bring all your coworkers to join you in the game of health and soon you would have a network of like-minded people around you. Your office would be more health centers rather then food centered. Soon you would have healthy people around you.

  • Chose your intake carefully: Usually people eat to avoid boredom and end up being uncontrollably fat. The office cafeteria if often stacked with comfortable eating that includes high sodium foods. They also have tea and coffee vending machine, which enlarge your waistline in the future. Rather than opting for the Cafeteria, bring your own lunches customized specially for you. You would not have to depend on office meals for filling you up. Your health would now be dependant on your mode of cooking. You can also carry snack bars to eat between meals so that you don’t have to overeat in your mealtime.

  • Avoid office conveniences: The office management has thought from every angle to give you comfort while you sit your way to give fat business to their company. However these comforts act as monsters literally. With technology going way ahead to make your life comfortable it has spoilt man’s habits to use his own resources for living a healthy life. Park the car in the last corner of the parking lot and briskly walk to the office. Taking the stairs is a better option than the lift since it improves the flexibility of joints and increase muscle power. Talking to your colleague personally is better than talking to him on the phone. Lunch hour can be used for taking walks rather than wolfing down your partner’s meals. So think sensibly and utilize your office hours practically.

  • Help the management to thing wisely in choosing the right caterer. The health of the staff is in the hands of the food service. If the food quality were bad, it would automatically affect the health of the employees. Therefore the person to serve your food should be chosen with care.

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