Love from Within

Love is eternal. It does not rest on any belief. It happens on its own. It needs no condition. Above all, love is blind. All these phrases are not just words. They are heart felt and experiences that people share. It does not require a set of two good eyes to fall in love. It is from within where there is no discrimination on grounds of caste, religion or moral values.

It beautifies the whole relationship and gives meaning to live. When we love from the heart we feel overpowered and touched. Those whom you love unconditionally become beautiful to you. They tend to touch your heart and make your lives worth living. That is the true essence of living.

Once the essence of beauty touches your heart, the whole world and the perception changes. You start viewing everything differently. Positively of course. You start appreciating people because of the way they are within and not because of what they appear from outside.

People from different profession view their clients in the same way. If they are beautiful from within they love everyone the same way and if they are discontented from within they find unhappiness in their work profile. A dentist finds his clients interesting. A decorator finds every home beautiful. A carpenter finds love in his work. The list is endless. Real love is an embodiment of character. Your view is an expression of your character.

Our life’s worth stems from our own being. When we are alive we are beautiful. When we are in love with another we feel beauty running in our veins. Being in love is usually linked with a lover. They start living fully. Being in love involves romanticized love where the immediate number of the lover sends shivers down the spine. You feel like talking about your lover all the time. The fact remains that no matter the appearance of your lover, you tend to beautify him/her by accepting him in his own form. That is true love. When no barriers come in the way. The feeling of romanticism should not be limited to the lover but the entire surrounding. You should tend to fall in love with everything around you. The trees, birds, people, your work, everything. BUT most important with yourself. You are the one who has created love all around you. Aren’t you worth the appreciation.

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