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I am sure, we all worked & buttered on our child’s self esteem, and I also hope we continue to pour the right information into them as they are considered empty vessels.

Today I would like to pen my views on Discipline. So, lets try on the path & positive approach towards it. & I believe. Discipline is a way to teach your child the ropes of life. We must remember that our kids aren’t going to be ‘good’ all the time. Disciplining your child is all about setting rules, we have to lay down these rules & teach them the facts of life. They will try to get you to bend them but remember if you told there will be plenty of other times when your child will want to bend the rules again. Be consistent so that the rules you set are followed ___________ by saying, No, by keeping promises, by training & guiding them, monitoring their activities, providing boundaries and guideline giving them incentives, rewards, praises etc, etc ______ They always learn faster by imitating the expert ________ that is , You. So be the expert in your child’s life.

When our children are babies we hate to displease them & try our best to make them laugh & smile. It can be heart breaking to see our child’s lower tip turn down & watch his entire body shake with sobs. when they are denied what they want. But, if we want to raise our children to understand the meaning of the word. No we must start from the very beginning, maintaining a firm stance which shows them that we mean business & would not buckle down no matter how adorable or sad our little ones face may be, It is important for you to stick to your guns & let the child know that what you say you mean . Of course, we all have times when we instant want to throw our hands up in the air & let the child have his way because we are tired or busy or just fed up. When they see you give up once it is possible you will give up again & then they will never give up. Therefore consistency is the key.

By the time these kids are teenagers they have a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of parental goals & behaviour limits. But even the most well trained child may be tempted to push boundaries or be led astray by friends. Most important, we should not sit back and pretend that nothing happened instead we must be vigilant and take action and also monitor their social activities with their friends & believe me it is most important to also know those friends. They need to know what they can and cannot do. Many a times your teenager by passes a temptation, we need to notice and congratulate them or reward them. Research shows that anyone who receives rewards for doing well is more likely to continue doing so. Simultaneously when we find out our kid has over stepped his or her boundaries, betrayed our trust or disregard a household rule it is our duty to issue a consequence or a punishment in whichever mild form they may understand. The point is to teach the child to take responsibility for their actions.

The world is a scary place for then & their mistakes, so we need to direct them and be their inner strength saying “No” to your child is never easy but remember to always have an explanation for that “No” you issued. Always listen to their side of the disagreement, listening means keeping eye contact. Treating them with respect teaches them respect. Spend quality & quantity time with them have fun, laugh, tease & act silly with them. By being both their parent & friend, you can set healthy boundaries with your kids, & they will feel that your relationship is based on trust & honesty not always “Yes” and “No”. They depend on us to be there and be aware, so let them, know you care by instituting fair minded discipline to bring out their best qualities & help them develop character & a sense of security. Teach them to think positive always.

Abha Choudhary

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