Parenting Happy Parenting

Oh! What a feeling it is to wrap your arms around your newly born . That little bundle of joy, who we’ve got into this competitive world.

To teach that growing child the ways of life . And the values he/she carries on! Man! What a tough job all this is!


We, parents are our children’s first primary teachers. We are the ones who should set the best examples for them.

P Patience positive praise

A Attention

R Reasoning

E Educating

N Nursing

T Trusting Tolerant

I  Impartial

N Nourishing

G Guiding

Discipline, fiscal awareness, making them responsible citizens and many such other qualities need to be imbibed in them. The number one thing that is most important to a child is attention and love. Attention be it negative or positive, the child will do whatever it take s to get it. Also, we have to give them unconditional love. Teaching them about love and loving them are two different ways of looking at love, both play their own part. We have two lovely children, both of them are totally different in nature, so is their focus in life, their attitude and dedication. We, as parents, basically followed a pattern and system of bringing them up. But, because they are two different individuals, we had to apply a different approach for both. We have made our mistakes and learnt from them but, believe me, there are none in this world who are ‘Perfect Parents’.


All children have the ability to press our most tender buttons as parents. Though some children have a more decisive attitude on how and when to press those buttons. I will be penning down my views on how to cope, encourage and move around these sticky situations that may benefit not just our children but the entire family and mind you, these are my own personal views and ideas. I could be wrong too. Happy Parenting!

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