Password to God and Your Dreams

The password to God who is the blesser of all of us humans, dreams and achievements is as simple as having one’s coffee or tea .
God is in purest simplicity and believe it that he is accessible 24×7 .

The password is simple and honest prayer in your heart and remember GOD lives in the present and the prayer must be in the present tense .
There is infinite power in the present moment .

One can achieve what one believes .
First thing is to believe in your dreams and goals believe in them to achieve .

What you can believe you can achieve .

Now pray in the present tense and believe that your dreams and goals have been been granted and they have been created in this great Universe for you to receive them .

This is the principle of spiritual pre-creation .

Welcome your manifestations and receive them respectfully and with courage .

Start you own designed prayer today and in the present tense .

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