Pregnancy and Yoga-The Supreme Connection

Pregnancy is the most desirable stage for woman. It is that phase in which she takes the place of God. Giving birth to another human is the most blissful thing for her. Pregnancy requires a mother to be fit both mental and physically.

She has to cope with the changing moods, hormones etc. To be in harmony with the mind, body and soul, yoga is very rightly recommended. The body is in building process wherein it is gearing up to make a complete human being. Therefore it is important that physical and mental stability is attained in this phase of a woman. Every woman wants a safe and painless delivery. She might go in for painless delivery using medication, but she is not aware that the pain is highly minimized by yoga. Yes, Yoga is the ultimate tool to help ease delivery pains too. Beside that it does some great benefits for the mental and physical development for the fetus too.

The main aim of Yoga is to provide strength and flexibility to the body while holding it in one place. Every part of the body is made to stay in one position that helps to give balance and co-ordination. This makes the body endurarable towards any pain. Stretching the body helps to elongate the muscles too. Pregnancy helps to make the body active and supple. These poses ensure that the body regains its natural shape after childbirth.

The benefits of Yoga are tremendous. They are as follows:

  1. Since yoga is all about mental clarity and balance, it helps to keep the body and mind to keep focused and calm. This helps in relaxing the woman during child-birth.

  2. Pranayam is highly recommended during this stage. Since it reduce mood swing, nausea, depression, vomiting etc.

  3. The birth canal and cervix is relaxed by Yoga.

  4. Asana during Yoga helps in making the pelvic muscles strong and easy for childbirth.

  5. It helps in massaging and strengthening the abdominal muscles. It helps in easing cramps and constipation.

  6. It helps to restore abdomens, uterus and the pelvic floor.

  7. It is very useful in relieving upper back tension.

Pranayam is another useful tool that ensures a safe delivery.

It has various benefits such as the following:

  1. Pranayam revitalizes the Prana shakti or vital energy around us. As pregnant woman need sufficient amount of oxygen around her to keep her calm and ready for ready for delivery.

  2. As a good supply of oxygen is required for a mother, the baby inside the womb requires it too. Pranayam helps in proving the fetus inside with a good amount of oxygen to breathe.

  3. Pranayam also reduces emotional discomfort which is accompanied during labour. It helps to be stronger and much more capable of undergoing the labour process.

  4. Delivery is followed by post-natal depression. Pranayam helps in relieving depression.

  5. It helps to ease pre-menstrual tension.

  6. It helps in strengthening the back muscles.

  7. The menstruation cycle is regularized with the helps of Pranayam.

The benefits of Mediation are plenty. It not only makes you more focused and clear, it also helps in connecting with your child internally. You get to interact with him and flow bundles of love and energy to him. In other words, it tunes in your relationship with your baby. It also helps to eradicate feeling of fear and dread for the delivery which are symbols of ill-health. An expecting mother should repeat the word ‘ Om’ for a number of times. This helps in elevating the mind. It has a soothing effect of the sub-conscious mind. It also has a calming effect on the growing baby inside the womb.


Relaxation techniques
A normal sleep does not necessary make a person fresh even if it lasts for 8-9 hours. However, a deep yogic sleep for an hour is enough to revitalize and re-charge a person. This powerful sleep helps in relaxing the muscles of the body without losing awareness. It is also called the psychic sleep. This form of sleep is very beneficial for expecting mothers. Moreover, the post delivery phase lacks a decent amount of sleep. An hour of Yogic sleep makes a mother feel relaxed and ready for work. It is also beneficial in relieving high blood pressure, muscular cramps, fatigue, insomnia and constipation. The baby inside does not just require food and water it requires a lot beside that. The love and care. This can be done through Yoga wherein a mother can really connect with her baby inside

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