Some thoughts about Reincarnation – an approach into Soul-Evolution on physical plane. How Past and Future are perceived and realized finally by the Soul. Why Karma doesn’t simply mean: “If I hurt you now, you will hurt me in next life …” but much more a Law of Forgiveness and Love.

We are not human-beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual-beings having a human experience. Where we come from, where we go . . . beyond punishment and judgments there is acceptance and unconditional love, from where we separated us. Life never starts, never ends, just its expression does change, which makes us believe we die, or we take birth.

Personal view on reincarnation and the perception of multi-dimensional self


Short explanation of the word karma

Thoughts on the law of karma in a non-judgmental way

Jonathan’s Release of The Past (Charles Spiegel), Mary’s Recognitions (Charles Spiegel), Being A victim (Charles Spiegel) Christie’s Past-Life (Don Showen) (Your experiences are welcome as well …)

Working with the Higher Self (Jean Sullivan-Finn), Introduction into transpersonal hypnotherapy

The Three Faces of Regression Therapy (William J. Baldwin) Brief introduction by author of “Spirit Releasment Therapy – A Technical Manual”. Past Life or Attached Entity? (William J. Baldwin) Important discernment between attached spirits and past-life memories Past Life Therapy – The New Psychiatry (Charles Spiegel, Unarius) Overview of what past-life therapies can do, and how releases are made. Simultaneous Lifetimes (Jananda Korsholm) Personal thoughts on simultaneous lifetimes and its recognition Pre-birth Communication: Tulkitoes! (Palden Jenkins and Sheila Martin) Pre-Birth Communication: The Link Of Love (Theresa M.Danna) Communication with an unborn baby.

Profound introduction into spiritism (Christian background)

Past & Future Life Integration (Apr 30, 1994, GIF 39K),”After-Death” Problems and Solutions/Releasing:
Some texts about problems of dis-embodied entities, who living beside and close of people, and induce problems:

ASTRAL PLANES (div. Authors)

A collection of astral plane related texts.

The biggest surprise for most people in dying is to realize that dying does not end life. It’s definitely a gift to look beyond the veil for a moment, and realize the opportunity of physical life, which many, also spiritual interested people, deny. About those people who came back … The Astral Planes and Other Worlds (Marc Macy, T.I.C.)
Excerpt of a research-paper of interaction with astral-plane(s) Emotional Healing: Channelling of Troubled Spirits (Carly Ayers) Some examples to serve disembodied spirits Third Eye: Watching Personality Aspects (René K. Müller) A short intro on third-eye to watch personality aspects (shape-shifting) Spirits, How To Contact Them (Robert Hay) Short description of interacting with spirits Psychic Self-Defence: Tower Of Light (

Protection affirmation Mainstream Psychiatrists: The New Exorcists? (John Chambers) Boogie Busting (Ken Don)
The Ocean of Theosophy (William Quan Judge) Theosophical classic, about reincarnation, astral-plane, esoterism, cosmic-cycles etc. Christian Rationalism () Spiritualistic movement, which teaches about reincarnation and astral influences Spirituality: An Exploratory, Experimental Approach (Ben H. Swett) Un-dogmatic Christian personal web-site, concerning reincarnation, out-of-body experience and astral entities The Teaching () Spiritualism classic. Thoughts on The Soul Evolution All the ancient peoples of the world believed in the reality of reincarnation and a majority in this world still does. Buddhists, Hindus, Druids, Celts, Britons, Gallics, Platonists, Pythagoreans, many Gnostic Christians, are only some of the people that hold to this doctrine. Add the Inca and Maya civilizations, the old Egyptians, the Roman poets Vergil, Lucretius, Horatio, the Stoics, and the list is still not completed! Also the Jewish Sohar, the famous Kabbalistic book, contains references to reincarnation. Martin Euser in What Happens To Us After Death? Bhagavad-Gita.Org () Plato: The Socratic Dialogues Plato\’s Phaedrus philosophical Discussion on Soul and its Nature Plato’s Phaedo Basics of Soul Understanding Plotinus: The Six Enneads (ASCII) Mystic point of view of Soul Evolution the Papyrus Of Ani (ASCII) The Egyptian Book Of The Dead Notes on Kabbalah (Colin Low) Some explanation of the Kabbalah The Pythagorean Brotherhood (Anders Sandberg) Other classics in general you find at MIT Classics Archive or the Tradition Section by Anders sand berg.

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