Self Assessment

Many students rely on the Internet as a source of information and self-assessment. Below is a list of several web sites that offer self-assessment opportunities.

A brief description of each assessment is provided along with the link to the assessment itself. While there are many Internet sites that may be used for informational purposes and self-assessments, it is important to remember that online assessments are for educational purposes only. For a full assessment or assistance in dealing with personal concerns, contact the Counseling Center.

Below is an on-line screening quiz to assess your alcohol use:
How much is too much?

Below are some links to help you assess your level of anxiety:

Freedom from Fear
NYU Medical Center Dept. of Psychiatry
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Quiz
Attention Deficit Disorder
This link takes you to an on-line screening for ADD:
Amen Clinic Adult ADD test

Depression and Bipolar
Below are some links to help you assess depression and mania:

Goldberg Mania Quiz
Depression Screening Quiz
Ulifeline Self e-Valuator – You must sign in for this link to work

Personality Type
The Myers Briggs is a popular personality inventory that describes individuals on five different personality traits. People may be most familiar with the dimension of introversion vs. extroversion. Follow this link to take an abbreviated version of the Myers Briggs and find out your personality type.

Jung Typology Test
Relationship Satisfaction

For some college students, intimate romantic relationships are an important aspect of their lives. For many, these relationships are highly satisfying, while for some, these relationships are not as fulfilling as they may hope. Follow this link for a relationship satisfaction assessment, and find out how satisfied you are with your romantic partner.

The “Relationship Satisfaction” Quiz

Self-esteem refers to the way an individual thinks and feels about herself/himself. Individuals with high self-esteem feel confident about their ability and believe that others like them. Individuals low in self-esteem tend to view themselves negatively, lack confidence, and don\’t believe others will like them. Follow this link for a self-esteem inventory.

Self-Esteem Assessment

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