The Laws of Self Recovery

Since time immemorial man has strived for peace and happiness, which is unable to retrieve by doing anything in this world. If tortured by ailments, he prefers to visit doctors and give huge amounts of fees, thereby satisfying himself.

But he is unaware of the magical power of self-healing, which is right there in his heart.
We all are blissful as far as God’s generosity is concerned. He has touched our hearts lovingly with powers of healing. Our only work is to constantly re-charge our selves with the same amount of energy, which he has given to us.

The concept of Pranic healing
Our body is composed of two parts: One, which we can see and the other we cannot. The physical visible body is that which we can touch and feel whereas the latter is the bioplasmic energy body called the Aura. The Aura of the body determines the actual phase of our body. Any disease mentally, physically or spatially is easily detected by Aura reading. We have Chakras on our entire body starting from the Head to the toe. Any distraction or disturbance shows a calamity in that area. The best part of self-healing lies in the fact that after detection, we can easily cleanse and stabilize without any worries. The natural gift which a person has is self-recovery which he attains after he has been succumbed to any disease. Any wound or burn on that area, is bound to heal on its own, even if an antiseptic in not applied. A normal cold is also bound to recover even if medication is not provided. Children can self heal themselves faster than adults by this magical energy of self-healing.

The three Sources of Energy :
Three major sources of healing are: Sun, Air and Ground. We derive our energy from these three sources. Sunbathing or simply exposing oneself derives the solar or sun energy to the early rays of the sun. The Air prana can be derived from deep breathing or breathing through lungs. This form is also called Pranayam through which Healthy Prana or energy reaches the lungs and gives freshness and vitality to the organs of the body. It can be done while closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath. The third one is the Ground Prana. This is the most subconsciously derived Prana. Walking barefoot generally derives it.

Benefits of Self Healing
The benefits are innumerable. From self-treatment of a simple wound or cut, major ailments like cold, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid can be treated permanently. The most important factor is positive thinking and focus on the particular area, which you want to heal.

Simplicity to learn
Pranic Healing is the easiest to learn as compared to any other course. Its an interesting method of application makes the learner curious and wants to learn it patiently. It is composed of different parts like Basic Course, Advanced, Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystal Healing, Psychic self defense, mediations for soul realization, twin heart meditation and others. The only requirements are: unconditional love, Patience, dedication and belief.

Procedure for Self-Healing:
The wonderful nature, which we are surrounded with, contains abundant amounts of radiating energy, which is distributed to anyone on this earth. For instance if we feel depleted with loss of energy, we can simply stand under the shady tree and ask its permission to give its abundant energy to us. It is necessary to ask permission from the tree and also to thank it in the end.

Through the process of self-healing, the Healer first checks his own Aura. If any organ or area is disturbed, there is a projection on that area. He cleanses the area, by sweeping his hands on the affected part in anti-clockwise direction and then throws the diseased Prana in a bowl of salt water. All this is done through imagination and focusing on that part. A feeling of positivity should be there while doing the procedure. Afterward, Healthy or clean Prana is transferred to the body while projecting your hand towards the Almighty Lord feeling as if he is giving the energy. This Energy is stabilized inside the body where it retails and weaves it magic of self-healing. The effects are tremendous as the healer can feel the difference immediately.

We are all God’s loved children, which he made with love and care. We are all blessed with the same amount of healing powers which Jesus Christ and Buddha and Sai Baba have. The only thing required is self-belief with which you can heal yourself. Use your Mind Body n Soul and Heal yourself and every body around you. You will be helping the dearest God in his endeavors to keep this world of humans free from diseases and the bio warfare generated by the selfish pharma companies in the world.

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