Reward Yourself the Right Way

Have you ever wondered that You as a human being toil day in and day out to give your self and your family the best. That no matter how unwell you are you somehow manage to complete the deadlines of your work and even take your wife out shopping or treat your husband a gourmet dinner. But in spite of all these dedicated inputs of work, do you ever get rewarded for what you have done.


Think once. Do you get rewarded by the one you worked so hard for. The answer is simple: No.

The reason is that people are so occupied that they hardly think beyond themselves. They are too occupied by their own worries. The solution is very simple. Reward yourself through a something exciting. It is called Vacation.



After a hectic month of balancing your family and work life, you urge for something refreshing. You go on endless shopping sprees, go to the movies, or go for a brief night out with your pals. However you still urge for something which could refresh yourself up and make you ready to take up the challenges in life.

The reason can be any. A break from the monotonous life or a simple thrill for adventure; a keen interest in a new place or a desire to get a rush of adrenaline. This is the king of rewards as it tends to rejuvenate your senses to the core. Browse through destinations of your choice and select on the basis of your budget. The list is endless. There are varieties of choices for adventure lovers, spiritualism seekers etc. You can indulge in anything. From road trips to weekend getaways or a week long excursion. It all depends on the choice of your interest.


Often any visual image tends to hit the right spot in the brain. Seeing pictures of Exotic locales in the internet or through magazines tend to heighten the spirits and make you more inquisitive of the place. Imagination plays a key role in exciting you for that vacation you seem to lazy to plan. Picturizing yourself basking in the sun, lazing around in a hammock, Trekking on the Himalayas, Kayaking in the lake or just spending time with your better half and your kinds. These moments send a signal to your brain and make you plan your next move to your getaway.


Any deadline for a work makes the work more fast and accurate. Similarly a deadline your departure date heightens the excitement level. A vacation is the best time to bond with your family members. With holidays around the corner, it is the right time to bond with distant relatives and close friends who you haven’t met for a long time. Work and family pressures often take a toll on close relationships. Having regular vacations with close relatives makes the relations stronger and healthier. They help in having beautiful memories. Picture taken on particular places, when seen in the present take you back to the places where you went to during vacationing. Even collecting souveniours of that particular place tend to bring back memories.


Once when you reach your desired destination, you tend to forget your worries and let your hair down. Any problem wont seem like one when you land yourself amidst majestic landscapes or serene tranquility of the surroundings. Thereby, you will enjoy more.

You tend to do a great justice on your looks. A vacation tends to put more glow on your face than a hundred sessions of facials in an inexpensive parlor. Your face starts glowing, hair start shining and you feel and appear physically more fit and active. Aside from the expenditure on logistics, monetary issues can be adjusted well. From choosing a hotel for accommodation to the type of food you want you can plan your budget well.


Therefore it is not important to spend a fortune to reward yourself by blowing up your budget. Areas of motivation are many. But one thing which we all long for is a change from the ordinary. Reward yourself this way because You are Worth it.

COMMENTS: W e Are Spiritual Beings in Human Body Traveling The PLANET MOTHER EARTH For Enriching The Experiences Of Our Mind Body N Soul Which Is Part Of The UNIVERSAL SOUL. Travel And Enjoy The Vacations With AWARENESS Of GOD In Us .

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