Attitude-Mind Over Matter

In this cosmic Planet where we live, our lives are determined by how we react to things. Our attitude dominates our life in several ways. It can even change our destiny. A thought process going on in one mind can be controlled by another mind through the mind body n soul aerial. This can lead to a universal state in the entire universe. Our attitude is one of the most important factor in channel sing our energies.

It can deprive or retain our stability level. What we tell ourselves is but a matter of attitude we pertain towards several things. For instance, an action can acquire positive reaction by one, but a contradictory one from another. Our positive attitude can often pull us out of negative or stressful moments whereas; negative ones can make us hostile and aggravated. Furthermore, attitude is a by-product of rules and regulation. They are conceived and acted upon by us since we want to exist and be accepted in this world we live in. Hence, these rules rest on our attitude and perception towards the world.

Positive attitude is a result of an affirmative Self-talk which begins with I CAN, I WANT, and I WILL. These words draw a sketch about the life we would be coloring.


Some common beliefs and rules which people stick to unknowingly owing to social pressures are:

I should never make mistakes

I should be loved by all

I should never lose my temper

I should Believe in God

I should never set my rules


The list is endless. WE are ordinary people and not God almighty. We have the freedom to make mistakes. We are often over burdened by doubts, fears, conflicts that rise from irrational thinking about others and ourselves. Instead of this, we should imbibe the following thoughts:


As a human being, I have the right to make mistakes

I am not a perfectionist. I should be accepted by the world as I am. I don’t need to change for anybody.

I am not affected by other people’s choices or attitudes, Therefore they cannot affect my happiness quotient.

I am responsible for my own happiness and not for others. Similarly, my unhappiness or failure is at my own stake too.

As a human being, I can cope with any circumstance good or bad, happy or sad and to survive it. I can accept any situation come what may and not complain about it.

I have the full authority to feel angry, disturbed, and unsure as these are common human emotions and fighting them is genuinely in my mind, body and soul.

A positive attitude can further change your concepts about life making it simpler. For example:

A driver’s first reaction in a traffic jam would be cursing the entire scenario, which is quite normal according to human emotions, but a positive minded person is more open and can instead enjoy listening to music or reading a book. We are all born with the same minds and body and souls. Yet the proper channelising of theses three institutions is the right way to live and can change our lives for the better. A sense of satisfaction and contentment is derived by positive attitude. It comes from the right balance between the belief and perception. A mismatch between the two can lead to despair, uneasiness and conflict. To gain peace of mind, it is important to bring your beliefs and perceptions together.


Comments: It is wonderfully written piece of art of life sciences.

I need to only add that we human beings are the children of the

Of the GOD ALMIGHTY and born in his own image.

We are blessed with his powers. We are the light and sound vibrating and dancing

Energy children of the UNIVERSAL SOUL.

We can create anything out of nothingness.

Positive Thinking mind body soul is the answer to any thing and every thing .

Think positive and love the positive attitude


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