Stress Call Centers for Young Girls

Women or even girls are repetitively complaining of high stress. These are the latest things to be heard and seen in every household with young college going daughters or young women who move to earn for the sake of their families.

The booming call centers have catered to unbelievable faster promise of employment to ingratiate giving them promises of fatter salary with incentives like a disturbed life. Strange but true. A girl who in her ripe years steps out in the mean world is soon enforced to a job, which would change her world upside down.

The streets which are barely lit are often heard of call center cabs running at top speed only to dodge the traffic police picking up young girls from the safety of their homes to thrash them in the new world of constant tele-calling. When everyone is sleeping in the dead of the night, these young girls take calls from the customers, attending with loyalty to every question thwarted at them. Sometimes it is not even a decent thank you. It could be a disrespectful remark, a miniscule abuse, an unsatisfactory response or even anger from the caller’s end.

The girls are so keen to earn money that they forget the unworthy remarks from the customers. They are ready to take the brunt from the other end as long as it fills up their pockets. They don’t want to pester their dads for allowances for small things like shopping or outings. Since the basic things like a comfortable home are already take care of they take charge of other things to pep up their life. They burn the money by visiting clubs with friends or guzzling down beers and dance the night away.

The other end are young girls who are forcefully trapped in this chase for money. Since call centers offer god money they tend to compromise on their sleep and step out to earn the dough for the family. Or they even fund their own college education by earning in the night. Besides harsh conditions in the office there are other things they have to ignore such as:

  • Improper digestion

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Back problems

  • Poor vision

  • Disturbed pattern of sleep

  • Loss of appetite

  • Loss of hair

  • Mood swings

  • Anemia

  • Weight loss

  • Irregular menstruation

Besides these are the high stress levels, which tend to multiply with higher, job responsibilities.
However, If it is highly important to continue working there are remedies to tackle the monstrous effects of stress. They are as follows:

  • Meditation: This need not be for hours. During work hours while there is no caller on line, just tune off for five minutes and let go off your worries. Imagine yourself amongst fresh surrounding and cleaner environment. The simple imaginative thought can bring wonders to your tired brain and recharge you.

  • Get going: Very often the desk jobs make a sedentary lifestyle leading to cramped muscles and sore body. Moving your body can lessen this. Taking a break in between your work is highly useful for girls who sit for long hours.

  • Stretch: If you do not have the time to do Yoga, a few simple basic stretches are beneficial for complete toning of the body. Stretching your hands to reach for the ceiling helps in proper circulation of blood and gets the proper functioning of the body.

  • Just breathe: Often anxieties double up if you breathe in a faster pace. In moments of high stress levels, the body tends to take in less oxygen thereby reducing the capacity of heart to function normally. This could lead to cardiac arrest or blood pressure. At this time, the best thing to do is to inhale and exhale normally. Breathe from your lower abdomen and notice the relaxation in your body. You would feel lighter and better.

  • Pray: Pray has the magic to do wonders to your mind, body and soul. It not only benefits your spiritual well-being but keeps your body calm and satisfied. In high stress levels, remember God and thank him. This would benefit you from every way.

  • Avoid toxins: To combat stress at high-pressure call centers, coffee machines are within an arm’s reach. The employers are very particular in filling the employees with coffee in order to keep them awake in the dead of the night. However, since coffee does stimulate your nerves and keep you awake for long, But it has its own side effects. This can cause more discomfort and make you miserable in the future making you more prone to higher anxiety levels.

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