Swar Yoga Programme

“Swar Yoga” or Nadi Yoga is the ancient Indian science of recognizing and understanding the patterns of one’s breath. The quality of one’s breath is intrinsically linked to the quality of one’s life – the way one thinks, feels and lives. Yet most of us go through life oblivious of its impact on us. Hence, “Swar Yoga” is a different branch of Yoga which is complete in itself dealing with very simple breathing techniques, which brings forth this profound knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand and simple to follow


Swar Yoga Programme (SYP): SYP Language is the tool to describe and creates experience and meaning. Programming can be equated to computer programs only in this case it refers to automated response systems of human based on various patterns of breathing . SYP helps you to align your body system according to the nature. With the practice of this programme you and nature becomes one and things happen in your favour day by day.

SYP in initial stages developed the knowledge of  Power Breathing but now it is a competent branch of Yogic Science in itself. SYP is fast becoming popular in the domain of therapy, education & training and for creating excellence. It is being used by many organizations in the world to train people in different skills. Some of the pronounced use of SYP is personal excellence, leadership enhancement and development of managerial competencies. SYP is a proven technique that can effectively reduce working efforts and can cure phobias or addictions in almost all the cases.

Some of the unique Benefits of the program are


  • Spiritually centre oneself and achieve highest potential for fulfillment and enlightenment
  • Achieve all your goals and succeed in your work 100%.
  • Achieve success in spiritual and worldly pursuits
  • Harmonise all relationships so as to feel Oneness with the universe
  • Nurture positive energy and radiate wellness – physical, mental and spiritual
  • Protection from all unwanted energies and forces
  • Further enhance one’s intuitive skills
  • Bring the novice on “THE PATH”
  • Security
  • Health
  • Relaxing yourself in any situation
  • Developing confidence
  • Removing phobias
  • Understanding the pattern of your breath and utilizing it according to the situation
  • Winning over every situation
  • Conquering your opponents

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